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fall run, summer grilling, and 3 dozen cookies

Good Monday morning to you.IMG_4740My week kicked off with a lovely run. Gorgeous sunrise today! I met up with my friend Katie for some miles through Shelby park.IMG_4748It’s nice that I got in 9 miles but the BEST thing about it all is that I wore long sleeves the whole time and didn’t die of heat exhaustion. Fall is coming, guys!!IMG_4749But before it gets too cold, we’re getting the most out of our grill. This weekend we put some shrimp on the barbie!grilled_shrimp_DSC0060I made this marinade and let the shrimp soak during the day, and then Anthony skewered and grilled around dinnertime. Question: Do you think it’s better/cheaper/healthier to make your own marinade, or should I just buy them at the store?

While he manned the barbie (he is Australian, after all), I roasted some veggies and added them to some quinoa with a splash of lime and cilantro. Team work!grilled_shrimp_quinoa_DSC0081In the quinoa: baby tomatoes, corn, and peppers (all roasted); avocado, feta, and chickpeas.grilled_shrimp_quinoa_DSC0077Loved this meal! We ate the leftovers cold the next day and it was just as good.grilled_shrimp_quinoa_DSC0069Also, I must have been too excited about this meal to adjust any of the settings on my camera, so sorry about the blah photos.

On the plus side: Because I’m feeling extra hungry today, let’s just end with some lovely photos of cookies.oatmeal_chocolate_chip_cookies_DSC0132I made a batch of these babies over the weekend. We definitely made a dent in the three-dozen batch ourselves…oatmeal_chocolate_chip_cookies_DSC0130But I also bagged about half of them to take around to our neighbors! Since we moved in, we’re slowly getting to know most of the people who live nearby.oatmeal_chocolate_chip_cookies_DSC0134And I figure if I just keep delivering cookies to everyone’s doors, we’ll be besties in no time.

Have a good one!

  • Marinades: store-bought or homemade?
  • Chocolate chip cookies: oatmeal or normal?
  • Tell me about your run today!

6 thoughts on “fall run, summer grilling, and 3 dozen cookies

  1. I just bought a cast iron grill pan and some jumbo shrimp yesterday with every intention of grilling them then got lazy and Milad and I made all of our leftovers into fajitas, sort of. Anyway, tonight I’m going to follow that recipe! Fate.

  2. I cannot even think about wearing long sleeves for running, still near 75 when I wake up! Those cookies look so good! I love an oatmeal cookie. The regular chocolate chip cookies have to still be soft for me to enjoy. I’m particular..