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broccoli soup and batman

Good morning! This flower was the brightest thing I saw on my run today.IMG_4758The skies were pretty eerie when I set out for a quick five miles. I kept a steady pace and threw in some sprints (example: speed to the pole! sprint to the next stop light! push it to the top of the hill!) along the way.IMG_4754I checked in on the downtown area just to make sure the Batman building (that one with the two spikes on the left) was still there. Random: I watched this Halloween episode of Community last night and loved Abed as Batman (goofy clip). IMG_4755Any other Community fans out there? I just started and think it’s pretty funny.

Anyways – back to the run! I spotted this telephone booth and considered calling someone but realized I had no change. And more importantly there was actually no phone to use.IMG_4757Moving on with one of the most random posts I’ve ever written (I’ll make it up to you with a post dedicated to a loaf of bread later today): SOUP!broccoli_soup_DSC0021This white bean-broccoli soup has been a favorite ever since the first time I made it. It’s stupid easy and so good.

You might notice that the recipe doesn’t call for bacon. But when is bacon a bad idea?broccoli_soup_DSC0018Perfect Sunday night meal. PS: do you like my new placemats? On sale at Target for $2.50. We keep it classy around here.broccoli_soup_DSC0016Served with a big slice of buttery multigrain bread! _DSC0035Speaking of which, I’ll be back later today with a recap of my latest loaf. See you soon!

  • Community fans: Should I keep watching? Does it get better or worse?
  • Target or Walmart?
  • What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?!

2 thoughts on “broccoli soup and batman

  1. Does Target employ “greeters”?
    Does Target offer shoppers antiseptic solution as they enter the store?
    If not, I’ll take Target.