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carb-tastic chronicles II: king arthur multi-grain loaf

Look at this beauty!king_arthur_multigrain_bread_DSC0003This week I tried out a modified multi-grain loaf recipe from King Arthur. It called for all different types of flour, so I used what I had on hand!king_arthur_multigrain_bread_DSC0001In the mix: all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, oatmeal, chickpea flour (subbed for cornmeal), rye flour (subbed for pumpernickle). We were also out of brown sugar (the horror!!!) so I used regular white sugar instead.

Still turned out good!!king_arthur_multigrain_bread_DSC0014On the seed/grain front, I threw sunflower and flax seeds into the dough itself; on the outside, I glazed the loaf with a bit of milk before tossing on some poppy seeds and sesame seeds for fun.

And the two magic ingredients (about 3/4 tablespoons vital wheat gluten, 1 tablespoon dried milk powder) made everything soft and chewy.king_arthur_multigrain_bread_DSC0012The flavor is a little nuttier than the harvest grain loaf I made last week, and more on the neutral side than the savory side. I made this loaf on Sunday, and we’re already down to four slices. I’ll take that as a sign of success!

3 thoughts on “carb-tastic chronicles II: king arthur multi-grain loaf

  1. I made this without the seeds and it was deeeeeelicious! I followed the recipe except for using rye flower instead of pumpernickel and used vital wheat gluten instead of the bread improver (what is that?). Mine sunk a bit (my first sunken loaf!) but whatevs it’s my favorite so far.