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a southern feast and a 20-miler {weekend update}

Hello! How’s your weekend? Ours has been full of big meals and big miles as usual. Starting with a dinner party on Friday!_DSC0003We hosted my friend Tracee and her husband for a Southern-ish meal. On the menu:

Pan-fried chicken breasts_DSC0011A tahini-kale salad_DSC0008and a new-to-me recipe: quinoa-spinach “mac ‘n’ cheese”!_DSC0007The quoinoa mac was a hit, the chicken was delicious, and the kale salad was so-so. I think it needed more dressing? _DSC0013Anyways we had plenty of wine so everything turned out wonderfully :)

The next morning we were up dark and early for a run with the PR Bandits.IMG_4810The run started off with cool temps and a pretty sunrise. Perfect!IMG_4811After an hour or so, the humidity ramped up a notch and the sun came out. I started to get a little sweaty…IMG_4812Anthony headed back at mile 6 (for a total of 12) and then I caught up with some other ladies in the group for about 7 fast miles.IMG_4815I let them run ahead (speedsters!) around mile 14 and tackled the remaining 6 miles solo.IMG_4816At mile 17, the heat and fatigue really hit me. I had to stop a few times to give myself a pep talk. I got pretty close to quitting, but pushed through!IMG_4818Considering the course was full of rolling hills (and rolling mountains at mile 10 and 16), I think I kept an okay pace. Nerd stats:55


I did pretty well on this run, but could have been smarter about hydrating before and during the run as well as getting more than five hours of sleep the night before… oh well. YOLO

I took a massive nap afterward while wearing my new pair of compression socks. They definitely helped reduce my tingly leg issue._DSC0015And now it’s Sunday, I’m still in my PJs, and we’re cooking up a feast of eggs, sausage, and toast. My kind of weekend!

  • What kind of compression socks/sleeves do you have? When do you wear them?
  • Ever quit on a long run? (One time I bonked out at mile 14 and made Anthony run home, get the car, and come pick me up… ha)
  • Favorite quinoa recipe?

2 thoughts on “a southern feast and a 20-miler {weekend update}

  1. Were cooking up some eggs right now too! My favorite Quinuoa recipe is a Greens and Quinuoa Pie I am making tonight. Will have to share this recipe with you!! Unfortunelty I didn’t get a nap or much rest yesterday after the hard run… Had to help Kevin install the claw foot tub and pedestal sink.. But it’s almost done!!! Run recovery so important, I should have put my compression socks on and feet up !

  2. Congrats on the 20 miler! Those splits are awesome. I can’t imagine training in Nashville on those hills. They were never ending during the marathon.

    I like Pro Compression and will wear it anytime before and or after a long run. It was great training in the winter because you could hide it so much easier :) I also wear them when I travel if I am running a lot of miles during the week.

    Your Friday night meal looked delicious as well.