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potato shoe, potato stew

Morning! I am on an early flight to New Orleans, so don’t have any runs to share with you. I do have a picture of my running shoes, though:IMG_4826I was wearing these yesterday when I discovered a piece of mashed potato in them.

It was a rogue piece of tater from yesterday’s whipped potato + beef stew feast! To get the potatoes fluffy, I put them in my KitchenAid mixer and spun about half of them into the air and around the kitchen. And apparently into my shoe.beef_stew_DSC0032Anyways, once I cleaned up the potato tornado the final product was pretty good. We topped our taters with some slow-cooked veggies and short ribs, straight from this Sandra Lee recipe.beef_stew_DSC0030And peas! My mom always made peas when she made mashed potatoes, so I had to follow suit.beef_stew_DSC0035Beef stew is the perfect Sunday night meal, right? beef_stew_DSC0027We followed dinner with Girl Most Likely, which got terrible reviews but we thought was really funny.

Speaking of entertainment, here are some reads for your Monday:

See you from NOLA!

  • Favorite “bad” movie?
  • Who’s your favorite Food Network chef?
  • Tell me about your run today!

5 thoughts on “potato shoe, potato stew

  1. Your beef stew reminds me of my home, my dads beef stew looks just like that….I miss home! Its been 9 months, thats the longest ever! Sad face. I should try make one to feel a little glimpse of home.

    My run went great today, I averaged 6:46 pace, and it was easy….coming together, finnnnalllyyyy!

  2. hahaha I love that you found mashed potatoes on your shoe.

    I’ve been listening to that All About That Bass cover on repeat. So soulful!!!