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poorly lit photos from New Orleans

Greetings from New Orleans! I flew in on Monday morning and survived the flight with a latte for “Macy” and a homemade granola bar.IMG_4828Today, I was up bright and early for a run…IMG_4856And by bright, I mean dark. Unfortunately when I went outside to run, the skies weren’t ready for me!IMG_4855Since I didn’t think running alone in a big dark city was a good idea, I took it to the fluorescent-lit and lonely treadmill.IMG_48531 mile easy, 1/2 mile hard, 1/2 mile easy, 1 mile hard, 1 mile easy. That all equals FOUR. Topped with surfer Lakey Peterson’s “beach legs” workout!

Getting in an early morning workout can be tough when you’re traveling — but meals like Monday’s epic feast gives me plenty of motivation to get going. I headed to Restaurant August with some colleagues for a culinary adventure!IMG_4840Chef John Besh is kinda a big deal in Louisiana and this is one of his signature eateries. I started off with a glass of pink-ish pinot — the color shows that this wine was made with unpeeled grapes, apparently.IMG_4843Up next was a special taste from the chef: a parmesan-egg “custard” that was creamy, salty, and of course quite cheesy. Loved the delicate egg cup!IMG_4845For my entree, I went with the crispy fried soft shell crab, which was paired with a green bean and Marcona almond salad. When on the Gulf Coast, eat seafood!IMG_4849I feel bad not sharing a photo of my delicious chocolate-coconut dessert, but my poor iPhone just couldn’t handle the lighting to get an appetizing shot.

Now, I’m headed home to Nashville where my Nikon, home, and husband await :) See you soon!

  • Favorite seafood dish?
  • Running in the dark: yay or nay?
  • What hotel brand do you think is the best? (I went Hilton and loved it!)

4 thoughts on “poorly lit photos from New Orleans

  1. Ahh, New Orleans! One of my favorite cities. I’m a big fan of fried oysters but I don’t have them very frequently (probably for the best). I’ll run in the dark in my neighborhood or my old neighborhood, but only because I’m familiar with them. However, as I wise up, I’m getting more hesitant to do so.

  2. I really like running in the dark because it usually means that the streets are not crowded and you get to see a sunrise!! obviously this is only good in a safe area or with a pack…you probably made a good choice :)
    safe travels!