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carb-tastic chronicles part III: quick sweet bread

Well this was a surprising loaf.sweet_quick_loaf_DSC0001Last week I had two bread adventures — I won’t call them “fails,” because they both turned out completely edible and pretty delicious — that proved the bread-making is all about trial and error. Up first: a non-intentionally modified version of PJ’s Cinnamon-Swirl Bread, which I’ve renamed quick sweet bread instead.sweet_quick_loaf_DSC0012PJ’s cinnamon swirl bread is a two-part process: You have to make the dough in the bread maker, double-knead it, roll it out and layer in cinnamon sugar, and then bake it in the oven. A little more complicated than your ordinary loaf, but I was ready to commit!

So I put my ingredients in the bread maker before I went to bed, and set my alarm extra-early so I could re-knead and cinnamon-coat the dough in the morning…

Except that when I woke up, there was no dough. There was a fully baked loaf instead! Apparently in my dazed nighttime state I set the bread maker setting to 7 (quick bread) instead of 8 (dough).sweet_quick_loaf_DSC0005I’d never tried the quick bread setting before and was curious to see what had happened to my dough. The quick bread setting basically speed-bakes your bread, cutting the total knead/rise/bake time to about 1.5 hours instead of 3.5.

As you can see, it results in a darker, firmer crust; though the inside is still nice and soft. Sort of like when you pan-fry meat on high heat or sear something!sweet_quick_loaf_DSC0014As for taste, I’d put this “quick sweet bread” in the sweeter category. It works well for butter, jam, and peanut butter — for savory sandwiches, not so much.sweet_quick_loaf_DSC0008Other than the complete fail on the cinnamon-swirl part of the recipe, I did stick pretty closely to the ingredient list in PJ’s recipe — the only thing I changed was subbing in a cup of whole wheat flour instead of regular flour. sweet_quick_loaf_DSC0015I’m going to try this recipe again next week, and make sure to get the settings right! Cinnamon swirl bread, I WILL make you.

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