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It’s Thursday. BUT it feels like Friday to me, because Anthony and I are starting our weekend tomorrow with a trip to DC! Woohoo. We got in one last good run before the party starts. Also Anthony would like you all to know that his new shoes are actually red, not pink.IMG_4883-001Since we’ve both been traveling for work lately, we haven’t had a track workout together in a while. Felt good to hop the fence with my partner in crime. IMG_4892Anthony joined me for my workout (usually he does his own thing) so it was encouraging to have someone to suffer with. The lineup: Seven 1000m reps, with a minute of standing rest between each one.IMG_4882-001I was shooting for a 4:10ish finish time (about a 6:40 pace) and here’s how I did: 4:07; 4:11; 4:00; 4:10; 4:04; 4:11; 4:03. I actually did this same workout almost exactly a year ago. My times then: 4:16; 4:17; 4:17; 4:19; 4:17; 4:22; 4:20. Progress!IMG_4887I also think my salad skillz have improved over the past year. Look at this creation!asian_grilled_salad_DSC0056I’m determined to eat tahini dressing until there are no sesame seeds left in the world. This Asian-inspired salad hit the spot!asian_grilled_salad__DSC0062The lineup: a mix of grilled chicken and grilled tofu; chopped veggies; sesame seeds; avocado; and parmesan (I know, parmesan isn’t really Asian but just go with it). Sweet bibb and herby green leaf lettuce as a base!asian_grilled_salad__DSC0064For the grilled chicken and tofu, I used the same marinade I did for this recipe. Anthony and I are really into marinades right now… I feel like they’re magic potions for deliciousness.asian_grilled_salad__DSC0058Okay, enough rambling. Time to throw this salad in a Tupperware and head to work. (ps sorry I lied about the bread post yesterday. Next edition of carb-tastic chronicles coming today, promise!)

  • Marinade suggestions?
  • Do you record your pace/splits and compare over time?
  • Last time you jumped a fence?

One thought on “latest sprints, latest salad

  1. the shoes are definitely red in the fence-jumping photo.

    nice work!! I log my splits and compare them over time too…unfortunately, it’s not as exciting because they’re slower right now, haha