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dc & baltimore highlights; pizza-eating memories

Hello from Baltimore/DC!IMG_2182 It’s been a pretty busy weekend — mainly full of friends, running, and food. Perfect combination. We arrived in DC on Friday and met up with some old friends ASAP. Within two hours of landing, I found myself sipping my favorite cocktail at Ghibellina with Jessie:_DSC0084We had so much to catch up on that I completely lost track of time — and had to sprint out the door to make it to dinner! Anthony and some of his old coworkers were waiting at B Too, a Belgian restaurant down the street._DSC0085Not surprisingly, lots of mussels and french fries were on the menu._DSC0109Anthony got a steak which came with MORE FRIES._DSC0099What else goes with the word Belgian? WAFFLES._DSC0111We left feeling very full and very carb-loaded for the next day! Which was maybe perfect since I had a 10k to run?20140927_094158Recap of that coming tomorrow!

After my race and Anthony’s rugby game, we zoomed back to 14th street to meet Miriam and Dan for brunch at Piola. _DSC0115Miriam was one of my best, oldest running buddies in DC. We’ve covered hundreds of miles together over the years. Miss her so much!IMG_4929We had pleeeenty of time to chat because we opted for all-you-can-eat endless pizza and apps. Here’s one of 5000000 pizzas we ate._DSC0128Piola was a perfect post-race restaurant! That was a lot of pizza.

Fun fact: I entered a pizza-eating competition in 2008 and ate 1.5 pizzas, beating the teenage boy next to me in this photo. 227585_1036799596274_3381_n
Okay, that was random. Back to the trip!

After we parted ways with Miriam and Dan, we experienced the glorious ups and downs of public transportation. Metro to bus to lightrail made what would be a 50-minute drive into a 3-hour adventure…_DSC0083But we made it to Baltimore, eventually!_DSC0133And kept it pretty low-key when we arrived. A quick dinner plus a sort of good, sort of not good movie at the Charles, topped off with a peanut butter-banana crepe from Sophie’s. I may or may not have fallen asleep during the movie._DSC0134So, I was very well-rested for this morning’s run, which went from a planned 6 miles to an extended 10?IMG_4947Perfectly blue skies above the harbor! And green grass at Patterson Park.IMG_4948Anthony and I got a bit carried away and decided to see every neighborhood near the harbor. Including a stop for my favorite random Baltimore structure:IMG_4949
And a tribute to Frederick Douglass.IMG_4954Now we’re off to cheer on the Ravens, because we just realized they’re playing and everyone is wearing purple. Why not?

  • Did you race this weekend?
  • Favorite Belgian food/drink?
  • When is you and your spouse’s anniversary?

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