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all of my friends plus a new PR {clarendon day 10k recap}

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What a weekend! Anthony and I landed back in Nashville today in the early-early morning. IMG_4967
I wisely took an extra day off to get our lives and house in order for the week after being gone for four days. Lots of cooking and cleaning around here!

But let’s head back to the weekend for a bit. On Saturday, I saw a ton of my old running buddies at the Clarendon Day 10k! IMG_4916As I jogged to the start line, I bumped into Chelsea who happened to be out for a run and Megan who was walking back to the start line from the 5k finish; a few minutes later, I was reunited with Anne.IMG_4918
She was also back to the start line after unintentionally running the 5k — quite a funny story! Even though she ended up not running the 10k, we got to catch up at the start and finish. I miss our runs together! Everyone should move to Nashville.

All the DC nostalgia must have sent extra speed to my legs because I started out FAST. Okay, actually it was the fact that the first 1.5 miles of the race are straight downhill AND I spotted Anthony (who was on his way to play rugby with his old crew) and got even more excited.20140927_090757First two splits: 6:20, 6:19. Clearly I decided to go all out on the downhills :). Miles 3-4 were pretty steady (6:37, 6:53); miles 4 through 6 (6:53, 6:53) were a bit tougher. The sun came out strong, my legs were on fire, and sweat was pouring into my eyeballs… you know how it goes.

The last 0.2 mile was sadly uphill — I tried to keep a pace under 7:00, but came in around 7:10. At least I got an extra boost of energy when I saw Sokphal, who cheered and took a photo! Thanks, Sokphal!20140927_094158My watch said I came in at 41:51 (6:42 pace); the official results say 42:06 (6:47 pace). A solid PR by 1.5 minutes. I’ll take some credit myself, but am admitting that the downhills totally helped :)IMG_4919Once I caught my breath and grabbed a bunch of free bananas (I’m a sucker for free bananas), Ann, Sokphal, and I hung out at the finish line for a bit.IMG_4921Then I walked over to meet up with Catherine, who’d also run the 10k! So good seeing another long-time running buddy — who just found out she got into Boston!
After chilling at the finish line for a good hour, I realized I better take a shower and pack my bags for brunch and Baltimore.  And THEN I ran into Sophie on the bus. The universal forces were on my side this past Saturday for sure — I somehow managed to see just about every running/blogging friend I ever had in DC.IMG_4925-002
And after a day of hanging out with DC friends, Anthony and I celebrated our anniversary with an awesome dinner at the restaurant where we got engaged. Um, how has it been a year since our wedding already?!!! That flew by and was lots of fun.

I asked a woman to take a photo of us and she insisted on this awkwardly angled full-body shot so that you could see my shoes.IMG_4960
They’re not quite as comfortable as my Brooks but sometimes you just need a pair of fuchsia pumps in your life.

  • DC readers — did you race on Clarendon Day?
  • Brightest pair of shoes you own?
  • Which is better: downhill start or downhill finish?

11 thoughts on “all of my friends plus a new PR {clarendon day 10k recap}

  1. Congrats! That’s a giant PR and a super fast race! I’m with you on the free bananas…although last time I brought home a free race banana, I forgot about it and found it (via my nose) in my race bag 4 weeks later. It was 100% black and shriveled, but not smashed!
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. NICE work Mary !! Congrats on the super fast PR… you rocked it !!
    I like the purple shoes ..those are Fun ! I have some bright red heels but that is probably my most colorful shoe besides my Running shoes ! ha