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Mary’s run, Maggie’s harvest

Hello there!IMG_4971I overslept this morning (perhaps it had something to do with the four hours of sleep I got the night before) and bolted out the door to squeak out five miles. The sun seemed slow to rise, too.IMG_4970Legs still a bit tired from the weekend, but I’m feeling good overall!

After four days of eating out, Anthony and I were ready to sit down at our own kitchen table. Head chef Mary Lambkin whipped up some lamb chops. Pretty classy for a Monday night!grilled_lamb_chops_DSC0172We recently signed up for a meat and eggs CSA, so have been cooking up all kinds of different meat cuts we’ve never tried. Lamb chops sounded intimidating, but were actually pretty easy! I marinated them in some rosemary/lemon/olive oil and then Anthony threw them on the grill for about ten minutes. Done!grilled_lamb_chops_DSC0176On the side, we had a new salad straight from this fantastic recipe resource:maggies_harvest_DSC0167Our friend Chris send us Maggie’s Harvest as a wedding anniversary gift (thanks, Chris!) and I am pretty pumped to try all 1,000 recipes in there. Maggie is a genius about pretty much every food on the planet and the book is packed with long, passionate, and extremely detailed descriptions of all different things — from how to grill a lamb chop to the story of when Maggie first hand-picked kalamata olives in Italy. What a woman.

Anyways, given that fall is on its way, I picked a roasted pumpkin, beet, and chickpea salad out of the book. It was awesome!pumpkin_chickpea_salad_DSC0178You can expect to see more of Maggie’s recipes on my blog — but I also recently discovered Maggie’s Harvest or Bust, a (sadly outdated) blog that recaps one woman’s attempt to make every recipe (including this salad!) in the book. I wonder if she ever made it?

Yum!pumpkin_chickpea_salad_DSC0181And that’s all I’ve got today. Go buy a pumpkin!

  • Do you use cook books or look up recipes online?
  • Last time you overslept?
  • Tell me about your run today!

5 thoughts on “Mary’s run, Maggie’s harvest

  1. Now that’s how pumpkin is supposed to be eaten! Australian here – even having spent a significant amount of time in the US & Canada I just do not understand the whole pumpkin in a can / sweet pumpkin thing.