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controversial statues, weird rice

It’s October! Which means we are heading into two months of the best sunrises.IMG_4974I’m no scientist, but there’s something about the position of the Earth in the fall plus air molecule composition plus pollution plus geography that equals the color of the sky at any given time. Really want to know? I’ve tried reading this article about five times and still can’t really wrap my head around the whole thing..

Anyways, back to the run. I did a couple miles with Anthony, and then six miles with East Nasty! We did the “musica” out-and-back.east-nasty-log-2013_routes-3The “controversial” musica statue was our turnaround point. (ps there are cranes everywhere in Nashville… construction companies, you’re really getting in the way of my blog photos. gosh.)IMG_4976After I parted ways with the group, I tacked on two more miles to make it to 10. Are those goosebumps on my arm?! It’s a crisp 56 degrees out and it feels awesome.IMG_4978Cooler temps mean that the slow cooker is in full force. On the menu this week: a red chicken-chickpea curry!red_curry_cauliflower_rice_DSC0189I used this curry recipe from Perry’s Plate as inspiration, but of course made a ton of adjustments: I added a can of chickpeas; subbed 2 sweet potatoes instead of 3 regular potatoes; added 2 bell peppers; and added a pinch of cayenne pepper. Topped with some Greek yogurt and fresh basil (while my plant is still alive!)red_curry_cauliflower_rice_DSC0191And since Perry suggested trying “cauliflower rice,” that’s what we went for! I bought a PURPLE cauliflower to make it extra weird.red_curry_cauliflower_rice_DSC0197I think next time I’d do half regular rice, half cauliflower, but this veggie-packed meal was a nice changeup after a heavily carb-loaded weekend.red_curry_cauliflower_rice_DSC0185AND we have 10 pounds of leftovers to work through for the rest of the week. Winning!

See you tomorrow!

  • Favorite slow cooker meal?
  • Sunrise or sunset?
  • Cauliflower rice — ever tried it? Love it or hate it?

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