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a very odd track workout + taste of city winery

It’s Thursday, and that means track!IMG_4983Today’s workout was supposed to be two miles at a 6:55-7:00 pace, 1.5 minute rest, and then 1.5 miles at 6:55/7:00. BUT I had to cut it the last bit half a mile short because there were some people on drugs who showed up. They hopped the fence, took over my lane, and started running around (pants off, btw) and shouting during the last rep.

It was definitely beyond weird for 6:30 am, so I decided to hop the fence and get outta there! Oh East Nashville.IMG_4985Despite the not-so-stellar scenes I witnessed at the track, the sunrise was still pretty.

Anyways. In other eventful news: we were invited us to City Winery‘s grand opening last night!city_winery_nashville_DSC0002This new spot is a huge hangout for both food and music. And there’s plenty of wine, of course.city_winery_nashville__DSC0003City Winery imports grapes from all over, and then makes their own wine at locations in NYC, Napa, Chicago, and (now) Nashville.  They’ve got tons of wine on tap!city_winery_nashville__DSC0004The Nashville space is ginormous — hundreds of people can fit in easily. I can imagine coming here for a drink and hanging out in the lounge/lobby, and then heading to the main dining space for live music and dinner. It’s a pretty cool concept.city_winery_nashville__DSC0008What I was waiting for, and I’m sure you’ve been waiting for… the FOOD.

A sweet and spicy quinoa salad:city_winery_nashville__DSC0005Asian-inspired cabbage salad:city_winery_nashville__DSC0015and THIS delicious fried risotto/pulled pork ball. I mean, how could this not be good?city_winery_nashville__DSC0017Anthony and I hung out and enjoyed the view from the deck:city_winery_nashville__DSC0012and then headed inside for one last drink. A cab/malbec blend for him…_DSC0029and a bourbon margarita for me! I was feeling adventurous._DSC0030What a very fun sneak peek of City Winery! We’ll be back for sure. And I’ll be back on the blog, later today. With bread!

  • Wine or mixed drinks?
  • Most random thing you’ve ever seen while on a run?
  • Should I have called the cops on the people this morning? I’m torn about it.

4 thoughts on “a very odd track workout + taste of city winery

  1. I’m sorry about your track company…I bet that was uncomfortable. I’m not sure if I would have called the cops either. Ryan and I witnessed a drug deal one time in an alleyway near downtown Indianapolis, and we were both like, “Um, I don’t think that was just a handshake”

    • ha! yeah, i already had to call the cops once from this track when we saw a car getting broken into a couple months ago, so maybe i should just put them on speed dial