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booze + brownies – running

It’s Friday and I have writer’s block (blogger’s block?) so let’s just start with a drink._DSC0059That’s better. Anthony and I finally tried out No. 308 bar last night! I’ve been wanting to go here forever and am glad to have checked it off the East Nashville list. _DSC0053Nothing pairs better with a cocktail than a peanut butter brownie, right?reeses_brownie_DSC0064Anthony and I just joined a new church small group and I made brownies to make sure we become BFFs with everyone. Unfortunately the group meetup was canceled at the last minute… so we have to eat all of the brownies ourselves now.reeses_brownie_DSC0070I followed this peanut butter-stuffed brownie recipe pretty exactly, only subbing Reese’s peanut butter cups instead of peanut butter and chocolate chips — which I thought would be a time-saver since it’s peanut butter and chocolate in the SAME piece, right? But actually wasn’t because I had to unwrap every single Reese’s cup. And then eat all of the crumbs…

I also baked mine in two batches: half in a pie dish, and half in a loaf pan. I don’t have a brownie pan. I mean, there’s just so many pans one can have. I already have a cake pan, loaf pan, pie pan, cake rounds, bundt cake pan, and cookie sheet. I also have this giant cupcake pan. AND I’m only 27!!reeses_brownie_DSC0063Okay, back to the brownies! These are obviously very decadent and delicious. Anthony and I have a lot of brownie to work through this weekend, so if you want a slice let me know.reeses_brownie_DSC0065So much for this being a running blog btw. Have a good weekend!

  • Favorite chocolate candy?
  • Locals: Best bar in town?
  • What run(s) do you have coming up this week?!

6 thoughts on “booze + brownies – running

  1. You made those brownies?!?!! Oh my gosh, they look incredible!!!! Mary, this is a bad idea, I am meant to be eating exactly what my body needs right now. Chicago is a week away, and if I want to destroy my 2:49, I need to give my body the best chance it can….this is not helping! I bet you are everyones favorite church goer now 😉

    As for running, I have a “short” long run of 14-16, and another 8 miler, ahhhhh taper time!

  2. Seriously, what is the connection between running and food/drink? (All featuring heavily in your blog.) When a friend with some postpartum weight issues asked if I could recommend running, I had to say, honestly – no.
    Personally I’ve never had any weight issues, and dropped a few pounds which I could probably not afford to lose when I took up running. But I spend about the last third of every run imagining the food (and drink) I will consume after the run (ideally 1.5-2.0 hours at twilight in my case), and then after my shower I proceed to get wasted on carbs!
    So if someone with weight issues finished every run famished, it could really be counterproductive. Thus I would suggest they get fit in some other way – and running is not for everybody.

    As an aside, I heartily recommend the classic Sidecar cocktail. (Hint: borrow a bottle of Cointreau from an ex when they are out of town.)

  3. Wow, those brownies look amazing. If I were in the group, I would have BFF’d you for sure. haha I’m surprised you have so many special pans but not a brownie pan! (just realized I don’t have a brownie pan either)

  4. This week I have many runs planned. I make my own brownies. They are very moist and wet. They have sharp flavor. They are delicious. You are an inspiration to all people with rruns. Nashville is humid and full of moist runs. How do you deal with these runs? How long do you usually have your runs? Mine usually last 30 minutes and then I’m dehydrated.