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great run, great dinner, terrible food poisoning

Sorry for my blogland absence lately! Our weekend started out awesome and then took a turn for the worse. I haven’t looked at my computer in days!

Starting with the awesome part — on Saturday, I met up with the PR Bandits for some lovely fall miles. When we started, it was a brisk 47 degrees out!IMG_4998Our route started at LP Field and then circled around various bits of downtown (locals, here’s the route — it was a good one!)IMG_4996I settled into a nice 8:20ish pace with some ladies (Anthony flew off with some fast men around a 7:30 pace, what the heck?!) and we chatted the whole way.IMG_4999The route started uphill, but ended flat/downhill. My favorite type of route :). Plus awesome views along the Cumberland River greenway at the end. IMG_5001AND it wasn’t too hot, which meant we weren’t too disgustingly sweaty for a group photo at mile 14.5.IMG_5004-001After that, I parted ways with the group to cover the last 5.5 miles solo. I was a bit nervous to have to many miles to run alone at the end (I much prefer to do my solo bits before meeting with the group!) but was surprised how strong I felt.nashville_downtownIMG_500520 (with only 19.5 showing on my Garmin because I forgot to start it in my sleepy daze during the first half mile). Done!Capture22
Post-run I tried some insta-cold wraps sent to me by Arctic Ease in hopes they’d soothe my post-run tingly calves…_DSC0074They helped a bit, but didn’t quite take all the pain away! Oh well.

Then it was time to party. Happy birthday, dad!_DSC0107We had the fam over for some burgers. My parents just got back from Italy, so all-American was the theme :)_DSC0095That’s a homemade bun! My latest bread-making experiment._DSC0096Plus salad._DSC0088AND homemade pumpkin pie — as in, I bought a pumpkin and pureed it. Everyone agreed that it tasted way better than canned filling. All you need is an extra three hours to cut the pumpkin, roast it, and puree it… easy right? 😉_DSC0109Even the BEST slice of pie isn’t as sweet as this little one, though 😉_DSC0092And now it’s time for a short, but not-so-sweet ending to this super long post! On Sunday Anthony and I went to El Jaliciense — once our favorite Mexican place — for a quick lunch. I actually have a picture of our food but can’t handle the sight of it right now, so just imagine a stack of greasy, bacteria-filled tacos.

About four hours later, we both came down with horrible food poisoning that shook us to our cores and left us in a zombie state for a solid 24 hours. I’m actually really sore today — not from the 20-miler, but from being so miserably sick! Not cool, El Jaliciense.

Here’s a picture of my single Monday meal:_DSC0131That was not fun. BUT we’re feeling better now! I should be back tomorrow — hopefully with enough strength to go for a run!

  • Last time you got food poisoning?
  • Solo miles: before or after a group run?
  • Pumpkin pie: from scratch or from a can?

7 thoughts on “great run, great dinner, terrible food poisoning

  1. Worst food poisoning ever- fifth day of a five day wedding celebration in Pakistan – it hit me as I was leaving the Karachi airport at 4 am for a flight to Bangkok. Spent four days at a Thai beach resort sick as anything. Not fun though is it wrong to remember how thin I felt when it was all over?

    I enjoy my solo miles pre group run but battle to get up early enough to get the mileage I want beforehand, forcing me to do half of the solo miles before and half after…I also really like doing 6-8 miles before a half marathon to break up long runs.

    I live now in South Africa so pumpkin pie has to be from scratch because we have no canned pumpkin here – that said we DO have fresh sliced pumpkin pieces sold at the supermarket that you just have to microwave steam… Sort of convenient!

  2. Nice run!
    The last time I got food poisoning was 20 minutes into a 6-hour drive home in undergrad over spring break. Fortunately, I wasn’t driving, but I made my carpooler pull over so many times. I was too sick to even be embarrassed. Hope tacos aren’t ruined forever for you and Anthony!