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so what’s it like living in nashville vs. dc?

Can you believe it’s been more than six months since we moved from DC to Nashville? Wow. That was fast.
Quick recap of events over the past year: Anthony and I got married, I quit my job and traveled/freelanced for a while, he got a job offer in Nashville, I got a job offer in Nashville, we moved to Nashville and started our jobs, lived with my parents, then lived in a hotel after my parents sold their house, then bought our own house. And now we’re here. Phew!IMG_4571Before I did a “so how’s it living in Nashville after DC?” post I wanted to give ourselves plenty of time to settle in. Six months is definitely not long enough to really get to know a place — but we’re getting there! Now that we finally have our own home and are starting to make some friends, I’m feeling pretty alright living down South again. (background story – Nashville is my hometown)
So when it comes to living in DC vs. Nashville, which do I like better? Here’s a totally biased and unscientific comparison of the two:

  1. Cost of living: Nashville. It’s way more affordable to live here (especially if we’re talking about real estate). That being said, we’ve have a lot of expenses here we didn’t have in the past: like cars and all the costs associated with a multi-bedroom house that you don’t think about when you have an one-bedroom apartment (ex: security system, yard equipment, and 4x the furniture). But we also blew a lot more $$ on happy hour in DC. ha.
  2. Ease of living: DC (for now). We both worked shorter hours (I know, surprising!) in DC, everything was within walking/metro distance, and we had fewer chores and bills in DC.
  3. People: Tie. I’ve got to say that strangers are definitely nicer in Nashville and that people are more laid-back. BUT I had a lot of awesome friends in DC, and it will take at least a year to build friendships like that here!
  4. Family: Nashville. Most of my immediate family is within an hour or so. Woohoo!
  5. Running: DC. Though I had an awesome running club in DC and have an awesome club here, the routes in DC are pretty hard to beat.
  6. Food: Tie! I don’t know. Nashville has some pretty great restaurants and DC does too. DC has more variety, but at the same time, DC restaurants were a bit more full of themselves than Nashville restaurants. I like the lower-key vibe of the food scene here — and the Nashville Food Bloggers have been awesome.
  7. Blogging: DC. There were a lot more fitness/running bloggers in DC – in Nashville, I’ve yet to find more than a couple!
  8. Work: Nashville. My job here is more exciting and has a much more diverse workload than my old job in DC.
  9. Getting around town: TIE. This is the hardest thing to decide! I had a love/hate relationship with public transport in DC, but at the same time really enjoyed not having to worry about a car. Now that I have a car, I do love it (mostly because I have portable storage, so I can lug around multiple meals/outfits/stuff at once and not have to carry it all in massive bags). But I suck at parking, so… that’s not fun.
  10. Music: Nashville. Duh.


So there’s the breakdown. Final commentary: Honestly, it wasn’t the easiest move for me at first because it was sort of weird moving back home and I really missed my friends and life in DC. But, I think the past couple months in Nashville have been really good to us (minus the food poisoning that we got on Sunday and are still fighting…blergh) and I’m feeling a lot more at home in my hometown again. Yay!

  • When was the last time you moved?
  • DC readers: would you ever live in the South?
  • Nashville readers: would you ever live in the North?


14 thoughts on “so what’s it like living in nashville vs. dc?

  1. Mary, I’ve loved following your running adventures since finding your blog recently! (I’ve totally been stalking your archives too) Reading this reminds me of my thoughts on living in Nashville after growing up in Birmingham, living in New Jersey / New York for school and work for many years, where I had tons of friends and life was different. My husband’s also from NJ so it was a bit of an adjustment for him here, but 6 years later we do still miss NYC, but love it here! I hope to meet you at some point! I run with Easy Nasty occasionally, but usually the evening run. Unfortunately it’s not super convenient for me location-wise, which is unfortunate because the group is great. Hope y’all continue to grow to love Nashville!

    • thanks so much for reading and commenting! yeah, we’re getting used to it — glad to hear that you’ve adjusted well. :) anthony and i are definitely going to go to some of the evening East Nasty runs now that it’s a little cooler out in the evenings. I think we’re planning on going to the next “pint night” if possible — hope to meet you soon!

  2. I loved reading this! I went to Vandy and have lived in DC ever since! There are definitely some great things about both places.

  3. I loved reading this – miss you in DC (but now I’m in NYC!) and now have a great post idea bout DC vs. NYC. So many things to learn in a new city. It’s only been two months and there’s no way I’m ready for that comparison post just yet! Take care!

  4. Cool post! Sounds like both places have pretty awesome things going for them. the last time I moved (I guess) was 2 years ago from Michigan to Indiana…not much of a culture shock

  5. I grew up in N. Va and am now back in the DC area, but my job took me to Baton Rouge for a few years. My husband and I joked when we moved back how we had to learn to be rude again- I definitely miss the friendliness of the South!

  6. As someone who has also lived in DC and Nashville, I love this!! if I had to choose between the 2, which would be very difficult, I would have to go with Nashville!