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scary yard, sexy headlamp, and our five-day liquid diet

Freaky Friday.IMG_5046This haunted front yard seriously scared me! It was dark and I could only see the figures’ silhouettes as I ran toward them. I kept waiting for Zeek the Plumber to jump out but he must have the day off (that was for all of my 90s friends).

BUT the point of the story is that I went for a run! Second time this week. My stomach seems to finally be normal again. And Anthony is on the mend, too! He ran the first 4.5 miles with me and took this awesome shot of me and my new, super sexy headlamp.IMG_5043It’s pretty dark out there these days (minus the obnoxious spotlight shining all over Nashville from my headlamp), so I barely caught the sunrise during the last mile of my jog.IMG_5047I didn’t miss this massive mustche sculpture on Porter Road, though. Oh, East Nashville.IMG_5044It felt sooooooo good to get out there and get moving! It’s been the weirdest week ever in the Lambkin household with all the illness and non-movement. It felt good to be our normal human selves again.IMG_5049I feel bad because I haven’t shared any wonderful food with y’all this week (yep, just said it. This is truly a Southern blog now). So I made a beautiful collage of our five-day liquid diet:BWLots of soup and fizzy drinks going on around here. I think my favorite was definitely Reed’s ginger ale and the ramen noodles! The worst was the chicken noodle soup, but at least I ate it out of a pretty bowl made during our wedding week.

Speaking of which, I just remembered that a slice of Anthony and my wedding cake is in our freezer — we forgot to pack and eat it the other week on our anniversary. And now Friday night is officially going to be the best. Have a great weekend!

  • Favorite canned/boxed soup?
  • Do you decorate your house/apartment for Halloween?
  • Do you have a headlamp?!

4 thoughts on “scary yard, sexy headlamp, and our five-day liquid diet

  1. I don’t have a headlamp, I prefer to use a flashlight. But it’s a REALLY good flashlight for scuba diving. I almost feel like I am cheating when using it because it’s so bright I don’t even feel like I am running in the dark with it!

    • wow, scuba meets running! great idea. i am usually holding a phone and sometimes a water bottle, so my hands are too full for anything else!