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a real food, real run weekend

Happy weekend! I’m popping in to share a bunch of photos but have to be quick because I need to cook a whole pumpkin and squash before 8 am and then bake a loaf of bread. You know, just normal Sunday stuff.

Highlight of Friday night: Eating REAL food like real humans again! (in case you missed me complaining about it for the past six days, food poisoning really hit us hard this past week)roast_thyme_chicken__DSC0004I actually made this roast chicken dish last week, and then froze it after we got sick. Those squiggly things are dried stems of thyme, btw. Thawed out and re-served:roast_thyme_chicken_DSC0006Anthony’s appetite, back in full force:_DSC0009After dinner we headed to Germantown’s Oktoberfest.IMG_5053The festival actually had nothing to do with Germany or Oktoberfest. It was just a bunch of random vendors with turkey legs and funnel cakes. And it started pouring rain. BUT we were still happy to be able to walk around and drink a beer!

The rain hung around for our Saturday morning run:IMG_5055We joined the PR bandits for a 12-mile loop from the East side to the West side. I forgot to take photos along the way, but I did accidentally take about 1,000 pictures of my shoe apparently.2014-10-11The route was full of rolling hills and obviously my energy stores were pretty low from the past week — so we took it pretty easy.IMG_5066Here’s me covered in sweat and rain, standing in a parking lot. My modeling career is really taking off.IMG_5068I added a few more miles to make it to 15. Only four more long runs before my marathon! Wee!IMG_5067Other fun things that happened this weekend include the reappearance of our wedding cake.ombre_cake_purple_DSC0015Just as delicious as it was a year ago!blue_purple_ombre_wedding_cakeI have more to say, but this pumpkin isn’t going to cook itself. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  • Tell me about your long run this weekend!
  • What flavor was your wedding cake?
  • Ever cooked a whole chicken?