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3 years of lasagna + some time on the treadmill

Good morning! We woke up to dark, rainy skies today. I took it to the treadmill.IMG_5073Maybe if I put this photo in black and white I will look slightly less shocking. The pictures of me on the Internet just keep getting better.IMG_50751.5 miles easy, 5.5 miles @ 7:16 pace. Now if I can just hold that speed for another 6.5 miles this Sunday… and let’s hope the race day weather is a little more inspiring than today’s forecast.IMG_5078Moving right along to dinner. Last night we hosted our friends Rayna and Kevin over for a little Sunday night supper:_DSC0064On the menu: butternut squash lasagna! This Cooking Light recipe never gets old (and never photographs well)._DSC0071Looks like I made this same concoction December 3, 2013 and on October 31, 2012. Three years in a row!

Plus salad._DSC0066And a homemade pumpkin pie! I use a mix of Food Network and Cook’s Illustrated to freestyle the recipe. I overload the filling so that the crust can barely hold up. Key ingredients: real pumpkin and real ginger. And real whipped cream should go without saying!_DSC0074Good friends, good food = good way to end the weekend. Also, I feel like I should admit that I got blueberry jam all over my keyboard this morning, so every time I typed the letter T in this post, my finger stuck to the key.

See you later!

  • What dish(es) do you insist you make from scratch?
  • Running in the rain: yay or nay?
  • Anyone else racing this weekend or just raced over the weekend?! Tell me about it.

4 thoughts on “3 years of lasagna + some time on the treadmill

  1. Running in the rain? Not a big fan, but I look at it this way. I try to run every day, but I know I should take some days off, so I am happy to let the weather dictate when I take those days off. Within reason. So if it’s awful out, I count it a victory to give it a rest. Plus, if you stay attuned to the atmosphere you can usually find a window of an hour or so with little or no rain even on a generally rainy day.