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typical run + CSA adventures

Hey there! It’s pouring, pouring rain in Nashville so it was another morning that went like this:IMG_4686Not a scenic run, but at least I had a beautiful carrot-apple-ginger juice afterward. _DSC0077And another fitness adventure is on the menu today. I’ll keep you posted!

I also wanted to keep you posted on our CSA! I mentioned a while back that we had joined a CSA (community-supported agriculture) and it’s been a pretty fun experiment so far. Every week we pick up three meats, a breakfast meat, and a carton of eggs from Avalon Acres farm. Each week is a surprise — so I’ve learned to cook everything from lamb chops to pork shoulder. FUN.

This week we got pork loin roast. After some intense Googling, I decided to just throw it in the slow cooker with some spices and barbecue sauce (sort of like this recipe) and see what happened. The result:slow_cooker_pork_bbq_DSC0034Pretty good! After slow cooking for a good ten hours, the meat was super intense in flavor. Good thing we had some toasty bread to balance everything out:_DSC0037and a side of simple steamed spinach to get our greens in!slow_cooker_pork_bbq_DSC0038And beer (plus my fun Baltimore rat glass). Because.slow_cooker_pork_bbq_DSC0035Alright friends, I gotta run! Not really “run” run though — I already did that. Have a good one!

  • Do you participate in a CSA or have you ever?
  • Anyone else facing endless rainy weather right now?
  • Tell me about your favorite mug/glass/cup!


2 thoughts on “typical run + CSA adventures

  1. Your food pics always look so darn amazing, they always make me hungry….even though I just ate so much cereal that I feel sick from being too full. It is pouring with rain here too, makes me glad I am taking my 2 weeks off. My body needs a rest, marathons are painful!