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secret speed work, slow-cooked chicken posole

Hello! It’s another dark day in Nashvegas.IMG_5085I met up with the usual East Nasty Wednesday crew as part of my mid-week long run today. On the menu was a 4.5-mile loop around the city.

It was pretty dark the whole time — good thing I had my trusty headlamp! Some of you asked what kind of headlamp I have: Black Diamond Spot. In lime green! I find that it stays put better and doesn’t rub my head as much if I pair it with a visor. Looking good.IMG_5088Anthony came too! After racing to keep up with him the whole time, he informed me on the last half mile that he had felt like doing speed work today. Thanks for that one, dear.IMG_5086My Garmin died at mile 2.5 so I don’t really know how far I went in total (group run + solo miles). I’m thinking it was around ten miles? Lots of nice drizzly cool rain at the end, which felt great.IMG_5092I actually wouldn’t mind if race day weather was like this on Sunday.

Okay, let’s get to the food!chicken_posole_DSC0007Last night I hosted local food blogger/amazing photographer Brita over for dinner. We had a Mexican feast. Cameras out!_DSC0013Brita brought the booze and guac…guacamole_DSC0005And I dished (or shall I say, ladel-ed?) out the main course. Chicken posole soup, slow-cooker style!chicken_posole_DSC0009I followed this Food Network recipe but completely ignored the instructions and just dumped the ingredients list in my slow cooker for ten hours instead. Lazy chef of the year!

  • What kind of race day weather do you like?
  • Favorite Food Network chef?
  • If my half marathon is Sunday, should I do a speed workout tomorrow? I’m torn.

8 thoughts on “secret speed work, slow-cooked chicken posole

  1. I have almost the same headlamp! Mine is the Black Diamond Sprinter in lime green, and I love it.

    Good luck on your half! Re: speedwork….I say do it but not all-out

    • it changes up pretty regularly, but breakfast usually involves eggs + toast or yogurt + granola. plus homemade juice or some fruit! lunch is leftovers, salad, sandwiches… you know, all the boring stuff people eat out of tupperwares at their desk ;).
      i’ve been meaning to do a “day in the life” post and this question has inspired me to finally do it!