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australianisms & recovery runs

Hello there! I have a few morning miles to share with you, but first want to take you back to the post-race fun we had in the city of ‘Nooga.

And by fun I mean BURGERS. After the race, a shower, and a quick nap, we went to Urban Stack in the most comfortable clothes we could find that weren’t technically PJs but didn’t really qualify as real clothes either. Then we devoured piled-high burgers in under ten minutes flat. AKA we were tired and hungry._DSC0062And sore. Anthony dished out a side of Advil (and beer? Don’t judge us)…_DSC0063Which paired perfectly with the main meal. Okay, my “burger” is actually grilled chicken; which still makes it a “burger” if you speak Australian but would probably be called a “chicken sandwich” if you speak American. We also got a side of fries which EITHER came with “ketchup” or “tomato sauce.”  (FYI Anthony is Australian and is full of fun words and phrases.)

Also I don’t know why the cheese has a purple glow in this picture. Alien cheese? I need photography help.urban_stack_chattanooga_DSC0067Anyways. Urban Stack, you are delicious! I’m going to run 4 Bridges every year just so I can come eat pre- and post-race meals here. Is it too soon to start burger-loading for 2015?

Okay, let’s get serious. Here’s that run I was telling you about!IMG_5152It actually wasn’t serious at all. I did three easy miles, no Garmin, no goals. Just shaking out the legs while they recover from the race. What does a post half marathon week look like for you?IMG_5155Mine is looking bright so far. Have a good one!

  • What does “burger” mean to you?
  • Favorite post-race meal?
  • What sort of recovery plan do you have for a half marathon (while training for a full in four weeks?)

6 thoughts on “australianisms & recovery runs

  1. That “chicken sandwich” looks awesome! To me, a burger is something that is squashed into the burger shape. I was going to say it had to be ground beef, but that would eliminate veggie burgers and black bean burgers..and turkey burgers. Maybe it’s a chicken burger??

  2. I think you should have a post just for Australian slang. Half of my dad’s side lives in Australia and it’s: 1. weird to hear Cambodian with an Australian accent. 2. Fun to hear the different words used. Like “brekkie” and “doona”.

  3. Definitely a chicken burger, it’s too large for a sandwich. But then I am just another Aussie who calls all squash ‘pumpkins,’ so what would I know. : )