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5 lesser-known fitness apparel brands

Hello! I’m going to start things off with a little fashion show about some of my favorite lesser-known fitness apparel brands. Don’t get me wrong — I do love the big brands, too! — but if you’re looking for some new running gear outside the usual spectrum of Nike, Brooks, Lulu, etc. then here are some other shopping options to consider. (*FYI I wasn’t compensated to promote the brands below in this post — just 100% my own thoughts!)

And then we’ll end with pizza!

1. Cory Vines. This Canadian company is all about high-quality “curated” fitness apparel that’s simple and versatile. I tried one of their tanks a couple years ago (sorry, the coupon code in that post isn’t valid anymore!) and was impressed by the soft, breathable feel of the fabric. If you end up ordering something, remember that their sizes run a little big!IMG_0681
2. Sweaty Betty. Check out Sweaty Better for fun prints, patterns, and bright colors. I think this company’s been in the UK for awhile and is now entering the US market! Apparently they just opened a store in NYC. I tried one of their tanks a few months ago and really liked it. Opposite of Cory Vines, SB’s clothes run more toward the form-fitting side. This tank layers really well under jackets, too. I always get compliments on the fun faded pattern!sweaty_betty_tank_IMG_3630
3. Oiselle. I don’t know if Oiselle counts as “lesser known” anymore since Kara Goucher recently ditched Nike (!) to represent them instead, but I’m still adding them to the list! I actually don’t own anything from Oiselle but have always wanted to try their famous “no-poof” shorts. Maybe when I overcome my obsession with Nike tempo shorts, I’ll go buy a pair?
4. Fabletics. Fabletics is a new find of mine. I ordered the new customer special a while back and got a sports bra, tank top, and capris for $30. Considering what a deal it was, I expected to be underwhelmed by the quality of the clothing — but was actually surprised at how nice everything was. The sports bra was so-so (but then again, nothing will ever beat the Aerie sports bra in my opinion), but the tank and BRIGHT blue capris were awesome! They fit well and weren’t scratchy, sticky, or cheap-looking. In the photo below I’m wearing the capris while modeling my signature TRX moves 😉 (the top I’m wearing is actually from Cotton on Body, an Australian brand. I’ll have to do an Australian fitness clothing post next!)
5. Ellie. Formerly pv.body, this company went from being a distributor of off-season/sale items from other brands to becoming its own producer and distributor of Ellie-branded items. I know they had some bumps in the beginning, but I’m hoping they’ve sorted their business model out by now! I tried a top and leggings from them a couple years ago, and still wear both today!
And because it’s Friday, let’s end with pizza. When I heard that Five Points Pizza in East Nashville was giving out free slices at their walk-thru window the other night, you bet I dropped everything I was doing and got my butt in line ASAP.Five_Points_Pizza_nashville_DSC0120Five Point Pizza just won a Best of Nashville award (for pizza, obviously). I can’t think of a better way to say thank you to its voters!Five_Points_Pizza_Nashville_DSC0121I’d never tried their pizza before. It was really good!! I think we’ve found our permanent Nashville pizza place… though I’m concerned about this fact because Five Points Pizza is less than two miles from my house. Could be dangerous.Five_Points_Pizza_Nashville_DSC0128Dangerously delicious. Have a lovely weekend!

  • Locals: what’s your favorite Nashville pizza spot?
  • Name a lesser-known fitness brand you love!
  • Tell me what you’re looking forward to this weekend!

16 thoughts on “5 lesser-known fitness apparel brands

  1. Definitely try the Oiselle shorts. I’m more partial to the Distance Shorts, than the Rogas, because they are both great. The Distance Shorts though are more like Nike Tempo’s, but better, I promise – I used to be 100% tempo loyal.

  2. Hi Mary!

    I enjoyed the post, as usual :). I usually wear my Lulu, but mostly when I work with my clients because it looks nice. Over the years I’ve collected a few peices, along with Nike tees and other shirts from conferences I attend. The Nike tees are pretty cheap so I like them ($20ish I think?)

    Anyway-where are you working out these days around Nashville? Welcome home by the way! :)

    • anthony is also a fan of nike shirts! we get them at the outlet in cool springs. thanks for the welcome! i’m usually at Gym5 in east nashville. where are you guys living? congrats on the wedding btw!

      • Thanks! We live off Old Hickory Blvd, in the apartments overlooking target in Brentwood. I know of gym 5 and a few guys that train over there but I’ve never been in. I hear good things about it. I read your blog about the differences between DC and Nashville, I hope the transition has been a good one! Even though I don’t comment much I really enjoy your posts-to be honest I take notes on your writing and style bc I like it. I write a little on my site..not as good as yours!

        • apartments overlooking target… seriously my dream location :). i feel like we are at that target every weekend since buying a house. next time we’re over that way i’ll have to let y’all know! we should meet up!

          • Definitely! We could catch up over coffee or something and meet Anthony. Plus I always like catching up with other fitness enthusiasts and seeing what they’re up to!

  3. Love fabletics! Although lately it seems like everything I like is unavailable in my size. I keep checking to see when they might restock/

  4. Those Oiselle Roga shorts are my absolute favorite. They’re the first ones I go for in my running clothes pile. Can’t recommend them enough!

  5. I love Oiselle stuff, fits so great, you definitely need to try out the Roga shorts. You will never return to Nike after!

    I like Fitletic’s capris too, I got a pair from that same deal!

    Pizza is always a great way to end a post 😉