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22 miles, 2 concerts

Happy weekend!! What have you been up to? I feel like I’ve been running nonstop, literally and metaphorically. Starting around 6:30 am yesterday…IMG_5174I ran 3 miles solo, and then met Anthony and my friend Katie at LP field for some more. We did the “Nashville loop,” a route from a few weeks ago!IMG_5175It was just the three of us, since many of our PR Bandits group members have started racing or tapering. Fall race season is in full swing — I only have a few weeks left to go! Wee!!!

The route starts out pretty hilly, but then flattens out after the first six miles. That’s my favorite kind of run — get all the hills out of the way ASAP please.IMG_5191Fall leaves! The Vanderbilt University area is full of big old trees that are so pretty right now.IMG_5177The three of us had some lovely chats along the way. We only stopped for a couple minutes around mile 11 for some Gu and water (I ate another Gu and was drinking water from my water belt along the way as we ran FYI). We’re all believers in the “stopping only makes it worse” philosophy.

You guys: I tried Salted Caramel for the first time! It was as tasty (for a Gu) as everyone said it is.IMG_5184During the last few miles, we ran past a 5k race and this man dressed like a giant Hershey kiss. I’m not sure how he could see or run in such attire.IMG_5188After our little group finished our 14-mile route, I stopped for a sweaty photo with Anthony and my very attractive water belt…IMG_5193And then added 5 more to make it home. I ran 22 miles in total, though my Garmin sadly died at mile 20. What a shame!Capture75786867887Capture09809890808
Overall it was a pretty good run. I probably should have taken a third Gu around mile 18 (like I would during a marathon), but I just wasn’t feeling it at the time — and paid for it when I started bonking a bit around mile 20. Bah! Anyways I survived and kept a solid pace. Feeling ready for race day.

And was also feeling ready for a big shower and nap. I did that, and then wasted 2.5 hours grocery shopping in West Nashville. That’s what happens when I’m in the Whole Foods baking aisle alone, surrounded by exotic and expensive types of artisan flours…

Flash forward to the evening. Anthony and I had a very musical night planned! First we stopped by the “Alive” festival in West Nashville…DSC04703To see my friend Tracee play! She has an amazing voice — you should go listen to her :) DSC04706Then it was time for concert #2! Lake Street Dive has been a favorite of mine lately. When I heard they were coming to Nashville, I bought tickets right away! As you can see in the photo, my 5’4 self scored an excellent spot behind a 7-foot tall man with a big bald head.DSC04713Dancing for three hours straight after a 22-mile run? Painful but worth it :) You can find me on the couch all day today.

Have a restful Sunday!

  • Favorite band?
  • How many Gus/gels do you take on race day?
  • Salted Caramel: yay or nay?!

4 thoughts on “22 miles, 2 concerts

  1. Nice run! there is a super giant international grocery store near my house called Jungle Jim’s (they give tours and everything), and it’s the biggest and most exotic grocery store I’ve ever seen. let me know if you’re ever a little north of cincinnati and I’ll introduce you! you can get lost in there for days

  2. Wow! Really solid 22 miler! Do you have a time goal for Richmond?! It’s such an awesome course — very flat, with a few (small) rollers towards the beginning. Crowd support is crazy awesome – it’s the “friendliest” marathon, after all. See you there!

    • I would really like to break 3:30, and think if the weather and elevation permits I might be able to do it! I’ve heard wonderful things about it. Hope to see you there!!! :)