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carbtastic chronicles part VI: cinnamon & golden raisin bread

Hey there! How about a slice of bread this Monday afternoon…Cinnamon_golden_raisin_bread_DSC0018After a couple of attempts, I’ve finally got a cinnamon-walnut-raisin bread down! It was a tricky task that required some exact science and a lot of luck :). Cinnamon_golden_raisin_bread_DSC0017I, of course, used a King Arthur recipe to guide me. Only a couple changes, because I can never completely follow the rules: subbed in 1 cup of whole wheat flour; added half a cup of chopped walnuts; cut the sugar amount by 1/3; used half almond milk, half 1% milk, and added a tablespoon of vital wheat gluten. So basically, I didn’t follow the recipe at all now that I think about it. #rebel

If you’re wondering where the raisins are, they’re in there — just difficult to see because they’re a golden yellow, not purple! Next time I’ll go with dark raisins to make the slices more speckled-looking.Cinnamon_golden_raisin_bread_DSC0019The big success with this loaf was a super soft, chewy texture — which I’m attributing to the gluten and MILK! So far all the recipes I’ve made have called for water and/or dried milk, so I was pretty excited to try out real milk this time. It made each slice denser, but in lighter and fluffier way than heavy wheats or grains do.

I actually doubled the recipe and made two big loaves — one of which was pretty freakish looking. I tried to photograph them around 6 pm, but it was too dark out! Haunted Frankenstein loaves.cinnamon_raisin_walnut_bread_DSC0101So then I hauled all of my slices back outside in the pretty sunlight the next day, just so I could share them with you all. The carbtastic chronicles take dedication…Cinnamon_golden_raisin_bread_DSC0022But they’re worth every slice. What bread should I try next?

2 thoughts on “carbtastic chronicles part VI: cinnamon & golden raisin bread

    • ah! i have looked at challah, but am too intimidated! perhaps you’ve given me the courage to attempt it. i have a feeling it will turn out ugly. :) i haven’t made straight rye yet, only thrown rye in as a mix. also on my list! thanks for the suggestions!