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Monday workout + Sunday chicken

Is the weekend over already? That went by fast. No running this morning (or yesterday) after the 22-miler on Saturday. Proof that I actually go to the gym:2014-10-27
I try to do some weights/core/Pilates-like stuff 1-3x a week, depending on where I am in my training cycle and how lazy I’m feeling. Today I did a 30-minute Nike Training Club workout (love those!) and then some run-specific exercises like side shuffles with the resistance band, side leg lifts, one-legged squats, and “the clam” which looks really weird but I have to keep doing so I don’t get injured :). I’m pretty close to race day at this point and need to stay strong during these last few weeks!

And I need to stay well fueled (and “hydrated”?) of course ;). Food52_Sunday_chicken_DSC0029I had a whole chicken taunting me from my freezer and finally decided to tackle it. I thawed her out (we named her Chelsea, is that strange?) and then cut her into parts according to this helpful video. I’d heard that whole chickens cook more evenly and more quickly if you cut them up before you cook ’em. Anyways, since it was Sunday I figured this Sunday Chicken with Roasted Vegetables and Garlic Breadcrumbs was perfectly suitable.

I wish I had a big cast iron skillet to roast this monstrosity in, but a cake pan will do too, right?!Food52_Sunday_chicken_DSC0027Not the most attractive thing I’ve ever cooked, but it was pretty tasty! We rarely eat fennel, so that was WILD.Food52_Sunday_chicken_DSC0033Overall it was pretty good, but was it worth the five hours of prep and cook time? Eh, probably not. Definitely do not attempt this recipe on a weeknight — I think the title includes “Sunday” for a reason!Food52_Sunday_chicken_DSC0036Luckily we have enough leftovers to make it a “Monday” dish as well. Speaking of which, time to go do that work thing. I just might be back with a loaf of bread later… have a good day!

  • How much time do you usually spend prepping/cooking dinner?
  • How often do you cross train?
  • Favorite weird-looking exercise?

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