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dark & chili

Good morning! I’ve been awake for hours already and am just about ready for an afternoon nap (it’s 7 am right now). I got an especially dark and early start on my run!IMG_5227I met up with a new running buddy. She’s a teacher, which means she has to be a super early bird. Or maybe
night owl is more appropriate at this point?

We covered four miles together. Then I did three-ish alone/with some skeletons.IMG_5229Did that run actually happen? I was asleep the whole time. Still a little sore from last week’s half marathon and long run, but felt pretty good otherwise!IMG_5234All of these dark photos make me sad and even more tired. How about a bowl of soup to brighten things up?beef_chili_DSC0155 (2)Chili is one of my favorites. Especially when I make it in the slow cooker, aka my best friend. Speaking of BFFs, Anthony was out of town when I made this last week. So I used his recipe in honor of him.beef_chili_DSC0162The toppings are what make this soup the best! Avo, greek yogurt, cheese, and cilantro. And crunchy cheeps chips. Question: What’s your favorite brand of tortilla chips? I used Santita’s for the first time, which apparently are ranked #3 in the nationwide tortilla chip lineup. I thought they were pretty good, especially since the giant bag only cost $2! <3 me some cheap chips.beef_chili_DSC0163Okay, back on track. Here’s another photo of my chili bowl, which sat elegantly on the table for two minutes and then moved to a TV tray for a couple hours while I caught up on the Mindy Project. Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.beef_chili_DSC0167And that’s all I’ve got. Have a great day!

  • Favorite brand of tortilla chips?
  • How early do you get out to run?
  • Girliest TV show/movie you love?

4 thoughts on “dark & chili

  1. Hahaha, dinner was then moved to a TV tray, I like it.
    All my weekday runs are in the pitch black darkness these days, so on the weekends I’m so appreciative of being able to see everything around me!

  2. my favorite tortilla chips are tostitos multigrain scoops…it’s all about the crunch. 4:57am start time!? Isn’t it the worst when you finish your run and the sun hasn’t com up yet?

    • haha, yeah FINISHING a run before the sun’s out is pretty nuts. usually by my last half mile i have at least a drop of sunlight! we did try multigrain scoops and love their shape. BUT they’re like 2x more expensive!