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day in the life: monday

After a year of trying to write this post, I’ve finally done it!

I’ve gotten a few questions about what a typical “day in the life” looks for me, so on Monday I made an effort to jot down all of the madness. I’d say it was a pretty typical day, but then again, every day is different — especially in the evenings when Anthony and I actually have free time. That said, here’s a list of everything I did on Monday. It’s REALLY thrilling stuff, guys. Thanks for asking me to write this!

4:50-5:10: Wake up, brush teeth, put on comfiest sweatshirt I own. Take clean towels out of the dryer and fold them while Anthony makes two coffees and two pieces of toast.
5:10-5:40: Eat a small piece of butter/jam toast + coffee while I start editing photos and drafting the day’s blog post. Turn on the heat and get nice and cozy.

_DSC0063 (2)

5:40-6:00: Change into gym clothes and kick off my morning lunch-making madness. I made a batch of black bean burgers on Sunday for us to eat for lunches this week. One for me, one and a half for Anthony! We usually have some variation of soup, salad, or sandwiches for lunch.

_DSC0041 (2)
6:00-7:05: Go with Anthony to the gym. I usually run on Mondays but am switching things up this week. Anthony does his workout while I do my thing. Usually there are no more than five other people at our gym this early, so we love having all the space to ourselves!body_pump_golds_gym_courthouse_1
7:05-7:20: Arrive home, shower, put on real person clothes. My outfit for the day, which I now see weirdly matches the colors of our bedroom. I must be subconsciously wired to match plum and beige?
_DSC0049 (2)
7:20-7:30: Finish packing lunches, decide that I’m going to go all out and make some juice (I try and make fresh juice a couple times a week, if I have enough time!).
7:30: Juice ready! I pour Anthony a cup and pour some into a travel bottle for me to have later. Anthony leaves for work — he has a longer commute than me and works slightly longer hours as well.
7:30-7:50: Unload and reload the dishwasher; and then wash a ton of dishes (mostly the juicer components… arghhhhh)
7:50-8:05: Write the rest of Monday’s blog post while I also cook an egg sandwich. I’m not entirely sure how I did that, but that’s what I have written down!_DSC0042-001
8:00-8:15: Hair, makeup, purse, lunch, phone, and a couple final dishes (do they ever stop?) Then get in the car!
8:15-8:40: Drive to work. NPR for the road. Ebola and ISIS, plus an interesting story about life in Crimea.IMG_5209
8:40-12:30: Eat breakfast while I check emails and get to work. I’m a writer at an advertising agency. It’s pretty fun.
12:30-1:00: Lunch break! To get some fresh air, I take a stroll outside my office building. I stop to take a photo of the pretty trees by the Frist Center… and then noticed that the car in the bottom of the photo wasn’t moving at all.IMG_5213-001 This poor young guy had stalled out, right in front of me. I came over to offer “help” (because really, what help can I offer? I have no mechanical skillz) and could see that he was really distressed. Apparently he was on his way to a job interview and completely unfamiliar with the area. Since I couldn’t offer any auto advice, I did what I could do best, which was to go approach complete strangers. I rounded up about five people and we all helped push his dead car into a nearby lot.  I got to manually drive! Ha.IMG_5217-001
1:00-1:30: Okay, second half of lunch break with actual lunch. Black bean burger hit the spot! I also think my first attempt at making potato buns turned out pretty well. Broccoli + kiwi = eating my greens, literally. I read What Alice Forgot while I ate.IMG_5218IMG_5222-001
1:30-3:15: Back to work!
3:15-3:20: Break for a green tea and granola bar. I tried making the bars with a new type of raisin this week. Surprisingly tasty, though I think dried apricots are my favorite so far. In case anyone was wondering.IMG_5224-001
3:20-6:00: Back to work!
6:00-6:20: Drive home, listen to more NPR. Really interesting interview with a Wired author about his story on “content moderation” which sounds like the worst job ever.
6:20-6:30: Put leftovers in the oven while I clean up the kitchen. Right now I’m having a serious battle with orange stains from carrot/apple juice in my plastic water bottle. I tried a homemade mix of white vinegar + baking soda yesterday and was surprised to see everything explode out the top in a foamy mess. #science
IMG_52256:30-6:35: Put out stuff for our church small group. We started hosting a few other couples for Monday night meetings/Bible studies. I made cookies on Sunday in preparation!
_DSC0061 (2)
6:35-7:00: Sit down and chat with my mom on the phone. She’s in Colorado right now with my sister, who just had the most adorable baby! :)
7:00-7:25: Anthony comes home. We eat leftover chicken and catch up on all the very exciting Monday news 😉IMG_5226
7:30-9:15: Church group time! It’s been nice getting to know some other young couples in our neighborhood.
9:15-9:45: Anthony and I clean up, get ready for bed, chat a bit more.
9:45-10:00: Read and then fall asleep in about two minutes. The end.
And that’s how it all went down! Highlights were definitely driving someone else’s car and creating a chemical explosion in my kitchen. Oh, and the cookies of course.
I’m off to New Orleans this morning. See you from down South!
  • What was the highlight of your Monday?
  • Favorite fruit flavors in a granola bar?
  • Last time you helped a stranger?

10 thoughts on “day in the life: monday

  1. how do you pull yourself out of bed sooooo early and accomplish things?? Very impressive!! I work 12 hour night shifts (7p-7a) which end up being like 13 hours wirh report and everything so I’m on a very backwards schedule from you. After my shifts I go work out for an hour and finally get to sleep at 10 am. Up at 5 pm to do it all again! Can’t imagine waking up at 5 am. Seems crazy but I suppose it’s the same thing just flipped. The crazy days are when I only sleep a few hours so I can flip back to a regular schedule for my off days. It’s gotten easier over the years but I’m definitely not as productive as you are around the house, guess that’s why it’s such a mess at the end of every week.

  2. Fun to read! I like the idea of getting up crazy early to do chores…I can’t get myself to do anything in the evenings. What do you think of What Alice Forgot??

    • I don’t think the writing is anything spectacular, but I have to say the story is pretty good. I’m enjoying it thus far — it’s assigned as part of my girls-only book club and seems perfect for the group!

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