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sunrise run + seafood feast in New Orleans

Hello from New Orleans!IMG_5249I’m here for a quick work trip. And a quick run. This morning started out sorta dark, but not lonely. Lots of street cleaners, still-intoxicated people, and statues to keep me company.IMG_5245Palm trees and warm weather! Plus nice and flat streets. IMG_5246I saved the most scenic part of my route for the sunrise:IMG_5249Another runner saw me snapping photos and asked if I’d like her to take a picture of me! Um, sure. (Sporting my DC-Maryland-Virginia pride).IMG_5253All in all, I covered a nice and slow 6.5 miles. Good start to the day!

Backing up to last night’s incredible dinner… we headed to GW Fins for a fish-focused feast. This award-winning local restaurant has a great vibe — check out the cool sculptures along the walls!gw_fins_new_orleans_DSC0072We started with a round of appetizers to share. Soft shell crab, lightly fried and paired with crushed cashews.gw_fins_new_orleans_DSC0077annnd some barbecue shrimp aside a fluffly “spoonbread,” which is sort of like cornbread but more moist and souffle-like. Must try to make this at home! I’m sure it only has a few sticks of butter…gw_fins_new_orleans_DSC0074For the main event, I went with the sautéed tripletail. Nobody knew what type of fish this was, so I volunteered to give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised!gw_fins_new_orleans_DSC0081Based on some Wikipedia-ing (ps, Wikipedia is doing a fundraiser today. Donate!), it seems like the tripletail is an uncommon fish found near Florida. It has a lovely mild and flaky taste similar to grouper.

Mine was paired with some Caribbean-inspired seasonings and toppings, like fried plantains. Yum.gw_fins_new_orleans_DSC0079I might just have to move to NOLA and eat fresh fish every day. #eatgulfseafood

And also eat dessert every day.gw_fins_new_orleans_DSC0083Oh wait, I already do that.

Have a good one!

  • Favorite Gulf seafood species?
  • If you  had to eat one thing every day, what would it be?
  • When you travel, do you run on the hotel treadmill? Run outside? Not run at all?

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