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happy halloween, happy no more long runs

Happy Halloween! The neighborhood cats have slowly been gnawing away at our pumpkin, so it looks extra spooky today.IMG_5262and I look extra sleepy. After two days of travel, I squeezed in my LAST hard training run — and am just about to head off to the airport again! I expect to pass out before takeoff and wake up when the hostess throws peanuts at my face.

Let’s just say that today’s run was far from my favorite. But let’s also just say that it’s OVER and I just took a warm shower and feel like a million bucks now.

On the menu was a “TLT” run, a Daniels Running Formula-inspired workout that you can read more about here. Before I did the run, I actually emailed back and forth with article author Duncan Larkin for some details, and he was super helpful! Apparently he offers virtual coaching if anyone is interested FYI.

The first 9 miles were on the treadmill since it was too dark out to run alone. Blah.IMG_468620-minute warmup, followed by: three sets  of 15 min @ slightly faster than marathon pace (7:35) + 3 minutes easy.

Then I went outside. Hello, Nashville!IMG_5256It was pretty drizzly out and my stomach felt all queasy for miles 9-14, so that was not fun at all. At least I saw some pretty fall leaves and got to ease into a slower pace, though!IMG_5259I turned around after 37 minutes of running outside (I know, it was a lot of math to handle) to head back toward the gym where I started, past the gym, and eventually home.IMG_5258My stomach seemed to have settled down for the second half of the outdoor session, thank goodness. Then at the very end of the run I had to do one last set of 15 minutes @ 7:35 pace. Yikes.IMG_5261At that point I knew I was on the homestretch, though, so was able to push through! IMG_5257Then I tacked on 7 easy minutes to make the whole run come in at about 19 miles. I should have added 20 easy minutes at the end, but didn’t have time!  I have to board a plane in less than two hours still need to pack for NYC. I figure that Halloween partying on my feet tonight will make up for the 13 minutes I skipped at the end, right? 😉

And THAT’s basically a wrap on the whole marathon training thing. Taper time. YAY. Have a spooky weekend!