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a windy weekend in NYC

_DSC0090I think it’s safe to say that fall has arrived!

And we could feel it in New York. I went up for a quick trip to visit my friend Meredith over the weekend! It was blustery and cold, but we managed to have fun anyways :).IMG_5296Highlights included a bit of sight seeing…_DSC0091(Where is the fourth one?)_DSC0096And a bit of dress-up. Happy Halloween from our clown-lion troupe.IMG_5272Up next: lots of food and drink. So many restaurants in New York, not enough time! On Saturday, we kicked off the night with a drink at a bar called ABV._DSC0099Paired with a yummy cheese-and-breadcrumb-coated artichoke. I have to learn how to make this at home! _DSC0101Then we headed over to a pub called the Penrose and sat at the bar with fancy cocktails. When in New York…_DSC0108After hearing about how good the Penrose burgers were, we decided to order one and share it! That’s what friends are for._DSC0110The next morning, I was out for a run! IMG_5288I did a couple loops around Central Park as the marathon staff was prepping the streets for the big race.IMG_5289It was quite cold and SUPER windy outside. I only covered a little over four miles — high-fives to all the marathoners who tackled 26.2 in such conditions. IMG_5290And a special high-five to my friend Leah, who was one of those runners! We cheered her on at mile 23. Lookin’ good.IMG_5303Watching the race was so inspiring. Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend!

And now, it’s off to start a new week. See you tomorrow!

  • Ever run the NYC marathon?
  • Last museum you visited?
  • Which would you rather run in: extreme winds, or rain?

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