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carbtastic chronicles part VII: PJ’s Cinnamon-Swirl bread

I know that crossing the finish line of a marathon makes me feel pretty accomplished… but crafting my first SWIRL loaf was a pretty big deal, too. Do what makes you proud, right?cinnamon_swirl_bread_homemade_DSC0123After one unsuccessful attempt to create PJ’s Cinnamon-Swirl loaf, I got back on the horse the other day for round II. Success!!!

Rolling and re-rising the dough added a bit more time and work to the bread-making process. cinnamon_swirl_bread_homemade_DSC0112And, the rapid rate at which we devoured this loaf reduced the bread-eating timeline quite a bit, too. Haha. But, every minute of work and every single bite was worth it. This bread was awesome!!cinnamon_swirl_bread_homemade_DSC0116Since the bread itself was full of sweet, cinnamon-y flavor, there really wasn’t any need for jam or honey. Toasted, buttered, done!cinnamon_swirl_bread_homemade_DSC0120Next time I’d like to try a savory swirled bread — perhaps pesto-parmesan? tomato-basil? rosemary-lemon?! The possibilities are endless, you guys.

The one trick I still need to master: How to get those swirls stickier, so that the slices don’t seperate around each swirl. Any tips? PJ’s recipe says not to add extra oil or butter when you’re making the swirl, but I didn’t do that and mine still didn’t stick together well. It’s like I need some sort of edible glue…cinnamon_swirl_bread_homemade_DSC0128By far the most fun-looking bread I’ve ever baked. Hope it was fun to read about, too!

10 thoughts on “carbtastic chronicles part VII: PJ’s Cinnamon-Swirl bread

  1. I’m not sure this would work, but maybe stir the cinnamon swirl stuff with a bit of plain bread dough. Maybe they’ll be friendlier with one another then, and not repel one another or separate out?

    • true, i could mix the cinnamon sugar in with the dough more — but then i’m afraid you won’t be able to see the dense “swirl” of flavor, right? any ideas?

      • Oh, I meant take your “swirl material” and add a bit of “dough material” and then stir it together. So keep the swirl separate, but make it a little more “close cousins” with the chemical composition of the dough so it doesn’t repel. Would need to play with ratios. :)

  2. i hear ya! Every time I cook a good loaf of bread, I am very proud of myself hahah! This looks wonderful! And I would say it is definitely on the same scale of pride as a marathon 😉