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rainy run + cookies for kids

I heard the rain on my window this morning and was this.close to sleeping in…IMG_5346But then I remembered that 1) even though it was raining, the weather couldn’t be worse than it was when I ran in NYC a few days ago; and 2) the East Nasties were waiting for me! So I got my butt out there and ran in the rain with some other crazies. It was actually pretty fun.

Look how well my iPhone takes pictures when both on the run and covered in Saran wrap!IMG_5348I ran for 45 minutes — about 30 with the group at a medium pace (~8:20), then 15 minutes solo for a “fast finish” (~7:00). Fast finish runs can range from the fast finish long run to the super-fast finish short run. And here’s an interesting take on the mental benefits of the fast finish, which I think is the main reason why they seem to help me:

Capture342Okay, enough science. One last shot of pretty trees…IMG_5362… followed by some prettier cookies!!!award_winning_chocolate_chip_cookies_DSC0119I had an extra special evening planned last night and prepared these in advance. This chocolate chip cookie recipe is my go-to guidance. And apparently 7,700 other reviewers also love it too.award_winning_chocolate_chip_cookies_DSC0114Not only does vanilla pudding make these cookies extra soft, but I used King Arthur flour (aka, the best flour on the planet) to make them super fluffy and chewy.award_winning_chocolate_chip_cookies_DSC0113So what about that extra special event? It was going over to my SISTER’S (temporary) house to see her and her family! They moved back to Nashville from Colorado on Tuesday and I got to hang out with my niece, my nephew, and my other NEW nephew who is only a few weeks old.

Even though the cookies got smashed in my purse, my older nephew was still pretty pumped to eat them. And my new nephew definitely made a face that said “I can’t wait to grow teeth so I can eat cookies too.” In fact, I’m pretty sure that will be his first sentence.2014-11-04It’s pretty awesome that all of my family is back, and growing so fast! In addition to my carb chronicles, I just might have to start a cookie chronicles series, too. “For the kids,” of course…

Have a sweet day!

  • How big is your immediate family?
  • Are you the youngest, middle, or oldest child?
  • Ever done a fast finish run? Love it or hate it?


8 thoughts on “rainy run + cookies for kids

  1. You are brave to go out in the rain in the morning! I would have stayed in bed :)

    I love the science behind finishing fast, thanks for sharing! I love to finish fast. It always makes me feel better about my run.

    Also those cookies look sooooo good. I need to make them TODAY!

    • thank you! hoping that the fast finish will pay off for any slowness due to cookie overload come race day.