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I punched a bunch of stuff yesterday {Nashville’s HotBox kickboxing review}

Good morning. It’s Friday! And I have a fitness review for you. Yesterday I got to try out HotBox Fitness, a Nashville kickboxing studio located in the Gulch.
HotBox is locally owned and has been around for almost five years. In addition to offering kickboxing and strength classes, the studio also has an open weights room and cardio room that members can visit anytime (6-9 pm).
So, if you want to do your own thing or can’t make it to a scheduled class, you can still get your workout on! I love when studios have open space for members to do their own workouts, since I often can’t commit to making it to a class at a particular time, etc. 
But I did commit to making it to the 6:15 am class on time yesterday! As recommended, I arrived 15 minutes early so that our instructor could give me a tour of the studio and wrap my hands up. Then it was time to put on these babies:
And go hit the crap outta some stuff.

Class started right on time, and our instructor had us start off with about 15 minutes of intense cardio. Jumping jacks, squats, high knees, butt-kicks — you know the drill! Then we started punching away as heavy rap beats blared and our instructor (nicely) yelled. Meanwhile, inspirational quotes and colorful graffiti told us to push further and sweat harder.

Pretty sure I sweat as “hard” as I could.
The class was pretty intense — definitely a far cry from my experiences at Barre3 and Hot Yoga of East Nashville!
We continued to go through a number of circuits as class went on, each one lasting about five minutes. A circuit typically involved a couple different types of punches, a kick or two (you should have seen me attempt a left-footed roundhouse kick… it was pretty tragic-looking), and core work like planks, crunches, and sit-ups.

As a newbie, I felt welcome and excited to be there. Our instructor took the time to explain many of the moves to me, and other class members helped me out when I got lost. The workout was definitely tough and sweaty (the studio is heated to about 80 degrees, after all), and we rarely stopped for breaks. I was able to keep up pretty well until the last few circuits, when the fatigue finally settled into my arms and legs. I’m a little sore today, but still alive!

Since I’m more of a high-impact intensity-seeker when it comes to workouts, I really enjoyed HotBox. Some stats for you:

  • Class duration: 60 minutes
  • HotBox pricing: $80-$90 per month, depending on membership
  • Calories burned: 400
  • Difficulty: 7
  • Good for: People who need to release stress; people who like drill-focused/boot camp-style workouts; people that like to sweat until it pours into their eyes and they can’t see
  • Logistics: Monday-Saturday, in the Gulch. Free HotBox parking lot, too!
  • Bring: A sweat towel and water. No shoes needed. Bonus points if you have tattoos.
  • Music: Loud hip-hop/rap.
  • Vibe: Tight-knit, enthusiastic members who seem to be regulars. Lots of high-fiving and cheering, even at 6 am.
  • Would I sign up for a membership? Definitely would consider it, especially given the open gym access, relatively reasonable pricing, and high frequency/diversity of class options (I think HotBox even has a yoga class or two?)

Overall, it was a really fun and challenging workout. Thanks for having me, HotBox!hotbox_kickboxing_nashville_DSC04723
And now that I’ve had a week of light runs and cross-training fun, it’s time to buckle down for a full week of tapering. And tonight, I’m buckling down for a full evening of food at Taste of Nashville. Tickets are still on sale if you want to come hit up the open bar with me…

  • Locals: Favorite fitness studio OR favorite food event?
  • Have you ever tried kickboxing?
  • Are you a high-intensity or low-intensity type of person?

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