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sunny run & celebrations

Good morning! It’s 34 degrees in Nashville, but at least the skies are sunny.IMG_5405Another six-mile jog at marathon pace. Getting race ready!IMG_5406I’ve got two more super easy runs on the menu this week, and then that’s that. Let the taper crazies begin!

And speaking of crazy, check out this mailbox! It’s on Lillian St.IMG_5403It’s also been a while since I contributed to my street furniture photo collection, so here’s a mattress found on 14th. Surprisingly good condition, if I must say so myself.IMG_5407And that’s the story of Monday so far!

Stepping back in time: yesterday was full of celebrations. First, a jewelry event showing off the work of our friend Tony, whose Lock & Key necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are super cute.lock_and_key_jewelry_DSC0032His collection for the show was inspired by mysterious women of the past. Each of these lovely ladies had secrets that made her extra intriguing. lock_and_key_jewelry_DSC0029Tony’s pieces all feature some sort of lock and key, and he beads them by hand on an traditional loom. Pretty cool, right?lock_and_key_jewelry_DSC0028I ended up buying this “Sarah Bernhardt” necklace that features Japanese beads and a pendant sourced from the Smoky Mountains.lock_and_key_jewelry_DSC0031It’s a bit longer in length, which I love…lock_and_key_jewelry_DSC0062and is 1) unique enough to stand out just a bit but 2) neutral enough to go with just about anything. lock_and_key_jewelry_DSC0067Now I just need to start taking naps in coffins and keeping stuffed dead bats like Sarah Bernhardt apparently did… 😉lock_and_key_jewelry_DSC0064(FYI, you check out more designs in the Lock & Key Etsy store!)

After handmade jewelry it was time for handmade PIE. Happy birthday to my brother, Frank! We are both getting old, but you’ll always be older than me :)_DSC0040Now that my brother AND sister AND I all live here, the whole family takes up an entire restaurant. It’s pretty awesome._DSC0041Let’s end with a pro tip from my niece on how to properly eat a piece of pumpkin pie. Forks are overrated._DSC0045Have a great day!

  • Necklaces: short or long?
  • Favorite type of pie?
  • How many miles do you usually do the week of a marathon?

8 thoughts on “sunny run & celebrations

  1. Those necklaces are so cute! I love the lock and key look. I looked at his Etsy page and I love the The Bernhardt.

    I have a ton of short necklaces, whether they are everyday or statement necklaces. I have been on the hunt lately for longer necklaces.I got a long pendant one in my recent Stitch Fix that I love!!

    Marathon week I run about 10 miles, if not less, in total before race day.

    • i’ve looked into stitchfix, but can see myself becoming an addict! :) i’ll hit about 12-15 miles this week before the race.

  2. Thanks Mary!

    I was so happy to have your support. Good luck next week.

    Check me on Facebook as well lockandkey14 for up to date news!

    Lock and Key