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taste of nashville 2014 recap

Over the weekend, Anthony and I had the opportunity to check out Taste of Nashville.taste_of_nashville_2014_DSC0143This is the 13th year that The Phoenix Club of Nashville has put on the event. I guess 13 is supposed to be unlucky, but it looked like everything ran smoothly to me :).taste_of_nashville_2014_DSC0173The event sold out the night before, and Rocketown was filled with foodies. And actual food, of course!

(Pancetta & condensed melon – Ristorante Rivello)taste_of_nashville_2014_DSC0180It’s hard to say what our favorite “taste” was, because there were too many to choose from. I was blown away by the sheer amount of local restaurants serving at the event. We tried to taste them all, but a few got away from us! All this eating is hard work.

(Hot chicken & beignets – Party Fowl)taste_of_nashville_2014_DSC0158In addition to endless food, an open bar kept us well hydrated. Union Common‘s bourbon cocktail kicked off the night pretty powerfully! Plus their bartender had an awesome skull ring. Extra points for that.taste_of_nashville_2014_DSC0152It clearly made me smile._DSC0156Moving on to this awesome tuna tartar/pork rind combo from 1808 Grille.  I’d say it was my favorite dish of the night! Loved how the serving table was covered in sesame seeds — creative, eye-catching, and totally practical too.

(Tuna tartar – 1808 Grille)taste_of_nashville_2014_DSC0176Anthony is obsessed with hot wings, so it’s not surprising that the “KFC” (Korean Fried Chicken) wings from Riff’s Fine Street Food were his favorite.

(Korean Fried Chicken – Riff’s)taste_of_nashville_2014_DSC0172Among lots of mac ‘n’ cheese, chilis, bbq, and other slow cooker-type, easy-to-serve dishes, we were pretty impressed with the assembly of gourmet burgers and fresh sushi from Lucky Belly. A small line formed for these beauties, but it was worth the wait!

(The Belly Burger – Lucky Belly)taste_of_nashville_2014_DSC0159There was a LOT of cheese at Taste of Nashville (they must have known I was coming), but MOTO’s house-made burata + butternut squash was the creamiest and coolest of them all IMO.

(Burata + butternut squash agrodolce — MOTO)taste_of_nashville_2014_DSC0190We were pretty stuffed at this point, but had to power on through dessert. Etch’s chocolate pretzel bar did us in!

(chocolate pretzel bar — Etch)taste_of_nashville_2014_DSC0193Thanks for a delicious evening, Taste of Nashville_DSC0163


  • Locals: Have you been to any of the restaurants above?
  • What city do you think has the best food scene?
  • If you had to eat ONE type of cheese for the rest of your life, what would it be?

10 thoughts on “taste of nashville 2014 recap

  1. The Tuna Tartar was from 1808 and was one of my faves as well. Sinema did the white chocolate cookies baked into devil’s food cake with pretzels and Ruffles… AWESOME as well.

    Thanks for the mention and great photo of our KFC!

    -B.J. from Riffs

    • BJ, thanks for the correction! 1808 was my second guess, and i’ve corrected the post. bummer i missed sinema’s dessert — we were too full from the KFC 😉

  2. Looks like it was a good night! I’ve been to the Taste of Nashville with Phoenix club years ago and it was great ! I meant to ask you guys on Sunday about it

  3. This looks so similar to what I did on Friday night in Chicago!

    Picking just one cheese is a tough question and I honestly don’t know if I could choose. I have already decided that I am going to give up cheese for lent next year because I think it will be one of the hardest foods not to eat for me. I love cheese! Oddly enough the only cheese I do not like which shocks people is goat cheese.I have tried it several times hoping to like it and I just don’t.