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a day of firsts: b.fab fitness + barista parlor

Greetings! I have no running photos for you because I danced all night and slept in this morning. By “dance all night” I actually mean “do a ton of squats while also trying to shake your booty.” Which leads us to b.fab fitness.IMG_5419
b.fab is sort of like Zumba, but with a lot more Beyonce. My friend Tracee wanted to try it out, so off we went! Our instructor danced like crazy and we, along with 60+ other women, tried to shake it and keep up. It was so fun. And so funny.fab_funk_cardio_nashvilleIMG_5421My photos don’t really capture the rhythm of the night, so I’m embedding the video from the b.fab site to give you a real idea of how spirited the event really is.

So much fun! Here’s my review:

  • Class duration: 60 minutes
  • b.fab pricing: $3-$10 per class — what a steal!
  • Calories burned: 230
  • Difficulty: 4
  • Good for: Women who love to dance and hate traditional workouts. And anyone who loves Beyonce or Rihanna.
  • Logistics: Monday-Friday, and Sunday. Studios in Franklin & Nashville (by the zoo)
  • Bring: Your freakum dress and water.
  • Music: Loud hip-hop
  • Vibe: Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes coming together in the name of DANCE. Even if they’re not good at it (like me).
  • Would I sign up for a membership? For $3 a class, you know I’ll be back! Too fun to pass up.

Other “firsts” for me yesterday include my first trip to Barista Parlor!barista_parlor_nashville_IMG_5411This place is all the rage when it comes to coffee shops in East Nashville, so I figured I finally needed to check it off my list. Since I’m not really running this week (yay, taper!) I suddenly have loads of time to go sip lattes and reflect on life.barista_parlor_nashville_IMG_5414I got a cappuccino which was pretty decent. Note that this 6-oz drink was nearly double the price of my 60-minute dance class later that day, though… hmmm.

I can’t say I’d rush back to Barista anytime soon for their coffee, though the atmosphere was quite nice. I saw this article featuring the “best coffee shops in Nashville” the other day and have quite a few more cafes to visit first!

And that’s it for now, guys. Come back later today for carbtastic chronicle details on this:apple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0008YEP.

  • Locals: Ever been to Barista Parlor? Thoughts?
  • Are you a good dancer? Do you care?
  • What are you training for right now?!

5 thoughts on “a day of firsts: b.fab fitness + barista parlor

  1. After all of the hype, I was a little let down by Barista. It was good, but not worth the drive for me.
    Terrible dancer and don’t care…that class looks like a blast!
    Training for the Flying Monkey, Memphis St Jude and The Pistol