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carbtastic chronicles part VII: apple-cinnamon twist bread

I don’t even really know if it’s necessary to put words with these pictures.apple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0008But I guess I can punch some stuff on my keyboard if you want.

APPLE CINNAMON TWIST BREAD happened over the weekend.apple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0007A King Arthur recipe FTW, once again. With sugar, white flour, and smushed fresh apples in this loaf, what could be missing? Oh, a sweet glaze. We’ve got that too :).apple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0004I was excited (and nervous!) to try this loaf for three reasons: 1) I’ve never made a twist bread; 2) I’ve never made a stuffed bread; and 3) I’ve never heard of or used lecithin granules. My experimental scientist side really came out in this one!

WTF is lecithin? I still don’t really know, but apparently it’s good for your liver and makes yeast happy. Go buy some and put it in ya’ dough.apple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0011Back to the bread. The stuffing part was a bit difficult as I had apple filling oozing everywhere… but I was able to get most of the filling to stay confined within the loaf! Win!apple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0012The bread rose really well (I’m giving thanks to the all white flour + lecithin) and came out nice and chewy. The recipe said to bake the two loaves for 30 minutes, but mine were done in about 20.

Which meant that I got to sample a slice ten minutes earlier than I thought I would. Which meant that my life improved drastically.apple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0023Obviously I could not make this bread every weekend, because I would turn into a giant apple, Violet Beauregarde-style.Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 2.13.01 PM
Mkay, I’m seriously rambling here, so let’s just finish the story, shall we?

Anthony and I ended up devouring one loaf and taking the other to our friends’ house. They cooked up perfect omelets (and bacon!) that rounded out an all-star breakfast._DSC0027The end.

5 thoughts on “carbtastic chronicles part VII: apple-cinnamon twist bread

  1. That bread is beautiful!
    The Willy Wonka movie weirds me out..especially the blueberry Violet and the part when another kid gets sucked up the chocolate tube *shiver*

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