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carbtastic chronicles part VII: apple-cinnamon twist bread

I don’t even really know if it’s necessary to put words with these pictures.apple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0008But I guess I can punch some stuff on my keyboard if you want.

APPLE CINNAMON TWIST BREAD happened over the weekend.apple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0007A King Arthur recipe FTW, once again. With sugar, white flour, and smushed fresh apples in this loaf, what could be missing? Oh, a sweet glaze. We’ve got that too :).apple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0004I was excited (and nervous!) to try this loaf for three reasons: 1) I’ve never made a twist bread; 2) I’ve never made a stuffed bread; and 3) I’ve never heard of or used lecithin granules. My experimental scientist side really came out in this one!

WTF is lecithin? I still don’t really know, but apparently it’s good for your liver and makes yeast happy. Go buy some and put it in ya’ dough.apple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0011Back to the bread. The stuffing part was a bit difficult as I had apple filling oozing everywhere… but I was able to get most of the filling to stay confined within the loaf! Win!apple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0012The bread rose really well (I’m giving thanks to the all white flour + lecithin) and came out nice and chewy. The recipe said to bake the two loaves for 30 minutes, but mine were done in about 20.

Which meant that I got to sample a slice ten minutes earlier than I thought I would. Which meant that my life improved drastically.apple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0023Obviously I could not make this bread every weekend, because I would turn into a giant apple, Violet Beauregarde-style.Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 2.13.01 PM
Mkay, I’m seriously rambling here, so let’s just finish the story, shall we?

Anthony and I ended up devouring one loaf and taking the other to our friends’ house. They cooked up perfect omelets (and bacon!) that rounded out an all-star breakfast._DSC0027The end.

5 thoughts on “carbtastic chronicles part VII: apple-cinnamon twist bread

    • i know that this loaf turned out really well — i’m going to try it in my next batch and see what happens there, too!

  1. That bread is beautiful!
    The Willy Wonka movie weirds me out..especially the blueberry Violet and the part when another kid gets sucked up the chocolate tube *shiver*