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little hollywood & lots of soup

Hello! Even though it’s Thursday, it feels like Friday to me. Tomorrow, I’m off to DC (and then to Richmond for the marathon!) But first, let’s back up to yesterday… I ended up going for a morning run, after all.IMG_5425Since I only had to run for 30 minutes, I was able to squeeze in an easy jog in the a.m. I realized that it would be dark outside if I went after work, so got my butt out there in the 35-degree sunlight and did it. I’m sort of the opposite of a procrastinator (one reason why I do 90% of everything before 9 am) and hate having a run “hang over my head” all day.

Anyways. I strolled through East Nashville’s “Little Hollywood.” It’s a few random blocks where most of the houses are stucco-style. Like they belong in Hollywood. little_hollywood_east_nahshville_IMG_5426This pink one might be my favorite.little_hollywood_east_nahshville_IMG_5428and then there’s this.IMG_5429I love my neighborhood.

On the food front, this week has been a soup-er one.chicken_noodle_soup_DSC0007I had another whole chicken to work with thanks to our CSA. I’d never done chicken soup from scratch and figured it was time to tackle this classic creation. Mom and Grandma would be proud. As well as the Pioneer Woman, whose recipe I used for inspiration.chicken_noodle_soup_DSC0011My first whole-chicken noodle soup turned out pretty well! Next time I might try roasting the chicken first for more flavor. And using thicker, more pasta-like noodles. For some reason, these swirly egg ones were too… slippery. Does that make sense?chicken_noodle_soup_DSC0017Unfortunately Anthony’s been out of town this week, so I’ve been dining solo. The other night I paired my soup with a movie called Begin Again (from the creators of Once.) Anyone else seen it? Thoughts?chicken_noodle_soup_DSC0002And that’s it for now! See you at some point tomorrow, probably from DC!

  • Would you ever live in a pink house?
  • Thoughts on a mailbox with legs? I could see this becoming a huge trend…
  • Are you a procrastinator or not?

8 thoughts on “little hollywood & lots of soup

  1. that mailbox is crazy! I think it’d scare me if I ran past it in the dark.
    I haven’t seen Begin Again, but I liked Once.
    YAYYY good luck this weekend!!!

  2. Good luck Mary!

    I actually saw Begin Again on the plane to San Fran. It was interesting kept my attention but it might have been because I was on a plane. It was hard for me to separate Adam Levine from his character.

  3. orzo works awesome for chicken noodle soup and I like to use rice or orchietta pasta too. Hope you had a great race!