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pre-marathon strategy: beer & shopping

Greetings from Richmond! I’m here hanging out before the marathon tomorrow, and since I’m not running today I dedicated time to my other passion: shopping (for running clothes).IMG_5447It’s been a couple years since I invested in some winter gear, so I decided it was time to give in. Athleta is a new-to-me store, so we’ll see how it goes!

Backing up to 5 this morning… I hopped on a super early flight from Nashvegas to DC.IMG_5441Once I landed, I high-tailed it to DuPont circle to meet Anne!! We grabbed coffee (okay, actually I got a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream — Amy, that’s for you) while I tried to convince Anne to move to Nashville and be my running buddy again. I miss our morning jogs so much!

We took this oddly backlit photo. Also I feel like I should note that Anne was, in fact, wearing a sweater since it’s 30 degrees outside today. BUT our seat in the sun was weirdly hot by the window and we were both basically sweating by the end of our little chat.IMG_5444So then we went outside and got an even BETTER windblown photo. I always wondered what I’d look like with a comb-over…IMG_5445Despite the crazy hot/cold conditions, it was wonderful catching up with Anne! :)

And ANTHONY! Who I hadn’t seen all week and is actually in the DC/VA area for work right now — perfect timing!_DSC0009He picked me up in DC, and then we made our way down to Richmond. With a stop for Panera. _DSC0001And beer. This counts as a healthy carb for race day, right?rock_bottom_brewery_flight_DSC0006Oh yeah, that whole marathon thing tomorrow. I’m staying cool (figuratively and literally… it’s going to be freaking freezing) and feeling good. I’d love to see a sub-3:30 time tomorrow, but I’m not putting too much pressure on myself.

For anyone who wants to track me, my bib number is 950. See you after a quick 26.2 miles :)

9 thoughts on “pre-marathon strategy: beer & shopping

  1. Hope your race went well! Once your done, grab a flight of beers at Legend Brewing Co! If you’re around for dinner I recommend Pasture or Comfort (tasty but nice southern comfort food, right around the starting line of the race). Looking forward to a race recap.

    • oh, bummer i didn’t see this comment until after the race! must visit next time :) we ended up at rock bottom brewery at short pump and deco in richmond. thanks for the tips!