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if i was a downton abbey character.

A Monday with a rainbow!IMG_5515Anthony and I spotted this lucky sign on our way back from the gym this morning. I’m taking it light on the running front this week (still post-race resting) and enjoying some cross-training instead!

Over the weekend I did get in a couple nice jogs, though. Starting with a PR Bandits outing on Saturday!IMG_5501Anthony and I drove out to Percy Warner park to meet the group at 8 am, but then left too late and took a wrong turn and arrived about 15 minutes late. So… we missed the group :(. But, we still did the route as a “club” of two!IMG_5504We ran around the Belle Meade neighborhood, which is full of gorgeous trees and ginormous houses. I stopped and imagined that I owned this massive estate, Downton Abbey-style. Because in Downton days, ladies wore spandex and ponytails if you didn’t know.IMG_5506We covered about eight miles in total. Felt good to get out there again!IMG_5507Not only was Saturday’s weather warm enough to run in a t-shirt… it was also warm enough to uncover the grill. Feeling fishy?grilled_fish_DSC0129We thawed out some baramundi, marinated it in some lemon/olive oil/herbs, and tossed it atop the flames. Stacked into a towering sandwich that was only a few centimeters shorter than the Belle Meade mansions.grilled_fish_sandwich_DSC0136and paired with an episode of Brooklyn 99. After the madness of last weekend’s travels, it was nice to chill out on our couch this past weekend and do nothing.

And now, we’ve got to start gearing up for the madness of Thanksgiving! We’re hosting about 20 people at our house this year and are hoping that our turkey-carving skillz are still sharp. Flashback to the intense turkey artistry of 20135-_DSC0017Hope you’re having a lucky day!

  • Last time you saw a rainbow?
  • What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?
  • How many days do you cross-train a week?

4 thoughts on “if i was a downton abbey character.

  1. I can’t remember the last rainbow I saw, so thanks for your pic!
    Spending thanksgiving in Kentucky with my husbands family:)
    Crosstraining: I try to do a little every day, but at least twice a week I really dedicate some time to it.

  2. First time hosting Thanksgiving and cooking a whole turkey this year! I think I need a little bit of luck haha!
    I am trying hard keeping with my husband traditions 😉 but always mixing things up a little