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Hello.smiling_elephant_nashville_DSC0015This wooden lady welcomed us to the Smiling Elephant last night! We loved this (famous) hole in the wall so much last time we visited that we’ve been dying to go back.smiling_elephant_nashville_DSC0016 The pad Thai, as usual, did not disappoint!smiling_elephant_nashville_DSC0020We also tried the papaya salad, which was a bit too hot for my liking because I guess I’m just a wimp. Anthony — and my parents, who are in town visiting! — loved it, though.smiling_elephant_nashville_DSC0018But actually, Smiling Elephant wasn’t the highlight of our night. Listening to our friend Tracee was! You can rock out like you were there, too, by listening on her website :)_DSC0027I know this is a running blog, but for the next three days it’s going to be a random blog. My hip has been feeling a little funky since the marathon, so I’m giving it a few days of rest.

So instead of running news, I’m bringing sweet news! And by sweet I mean dessert. And by dessert I mean, oh my goodness, desserts galore. I just got this email:Capture3453453

Guys, I’m inches away from total baking FAME. I’m so pumped to be a finalist in 12th & Broad’s Seasons Treatings competition! Mostly because this gives me an excuse to make and taste-test baked goods all weekend.

Speaking of which, I’ll be back with some bread later today!

  • Have you ever entered a food competition? Pointers?
  • Last time you were injured? How long did you have to take off?
  • Locals: Favorite Thai restaurant?

6 thoughts on “thai food + sweet news

  1. Mmaryyyy I always knew you were destined for greatness!!! I like to think it all started in a toaster oven and a baking competition outside of Levering Hall.

  2. My hip always acts up after marathons, and after my last two I took it too far and it lead directly to IT band problems both times. Definitely a good idea to take it easy! This time around I am going to force myself to take two weeks off…it will be sooo hard…