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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope yours was as crazy-fun-delicious as ours. Anthony and I hosted about 20 people — too many to fit into a single photo!_DSC0132Let’s start with the turkey! _DSC0035Anthony and I took it “easy” with an 18-pound bird that we baked. My mom helped me carve it! _DSC0080_DSC0081While my mom and I were carving, Anthony was crafting. Cocktails!_DSC001015+ glasses of this New Brunswick drink ensured that all the adults kicked off the evening right._DSC0014Per usual, my family made sure there was enough fried food to justify ourselves as Southerners. And enough Ranch dip — an Ohio tradition my parents brought with them!_DSC0022We’re not just talking about fried okra. We’re talking fried mac ‘n’ cheese…_DSC0020and, of course, a fried turkey._DSC0064My family has celebrated Thanksgiving with the Smith family for more than a decade — and the two dads are always in charge of the deep-fried fun :)_DSC0029Another tradition is to play as many games as possible. In recent years, Anthony’s put us all to the test with a blind wine tasting event._DSC0006Because when you wear a scarf, you become a better wine drinker._DSC0045This year we had a shiraz, malbec, cabernet sauvignon, and pinot noir._DSC0039We had to guess the varietal and price range of each. It was pretty tough to tell which was which! _DSC0041And that’s why I had to keep sampling all of the wines in large quantities throughout the evening. I did take a break for a bit of hide and seek…_DSC0042This year’s turkey day was all about the kiddos. We went from having zero kids at last year’s Thanksgiving to having FIVE this year! I was almost able to catch all the babies looking in my direction at once…_DSC0109My niece (who just started eating real food) is actually looking across the room to our kitchen counter. Can you blame her?_DSC0103It was a feast. (That darker piece of meat on top is a fried slice of ham. Yeah, that happened too.)_DSC0116And there was salad! I made my roasted veggie mix once again._DSC0054Now, imagine endless slices of pumpkin pie followed by endless rounds of bingo. That’s how my night ended. Hope you had a great holiday!

  • Thanksgiving traditions?
  • Turkey: baked, fried, or smoked?
  • How many family/friends were at your Thanksgiving table this year?


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  1. All your food looks yummy! And I love the wine tasting game. We have always baked our turkey – this year it was 23 lbs – but last year at a Friendsgiving we fried one. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!