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crossfit 615 review (or, i’ve been sore for the past 4 days)

Hey there! Hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend.

Now that I’ve shared the epic feast of Thanksgivivng, let me share that day’s epic workout, too.crossfit_615_nashville_DSC0035Anthony and I headed to CrossFit 615 for a CrossFit-inspired boot camp class on the morning of Thanksgiving day! And I am STILL sore, four days later. Wow.

Before we get into the workout, let’s check out the space first. CrossFit 615 is on Gallatin road in East Nashville/Inglewood, right next to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. #dangerzonecrossfit_615_nashville_DSC0001Like many a CrossFit “box,” CrossFit 615 is no-frills when it comes to decor. They keep it simple and are stocked with the essentials! Rowing machines, rings, dumbbells, bars, kettlebells, etc.crossfit_615_nashville_DSC0003Plus a few inspirational signs here and there. “Leave your ego at the door” — love that!crossfit_615_nashville_DSC0006Since our class was a boot camp class (not true CrossFit), we didn’t touch any of the heavy weights or bars.

Instead, we set up for the workout with kettlebells, jump ropes, dumbbells, boxes, weighted balls, row machines, and ab mats.crossfit_615_nashville_DSC0005Before the class began, our instructors Rob and Andy + owner Brandon gave us a run-down of what the boot camp would be like and made sure Anthony and I were ready to go. We had no idea what we were getting into when we walked into the box, so that was appreciated! I know that CrossFit can be quite intimidating — and have to say that CrossFit 615 is the most welcoming box I’ve been to yet.

Okay, now onto the workout!

First, a warm-up. Rob had us run through a series of planks, high knees, butt kicks, burpees, and all those other fun OMG-so-out-of-breath movements that we love :)crossfit_615_nashville_DSC0010Then it was time for the real butt-kicking to begin. Rob and Andy had us rotate through a three-round WOD that took about 40-45 minutes to complete. It was really tough. But fun!

Each station mixed cardio and strength for a pretty deep burn. I made it through the first 15 minutes of the WOD without breaking too much of a sweat, but after the first few rounds I was really feeling it. I love classes that push your limits, so this was right up my alley.crossfit_615_nashville_DSC0013I think one of the hardest exercises for me was the box jump burpees (ouch!) and weighted ball box step-ups. Those were killer! Plus snatches, which I haven’t done since… 2012? This face pretty much sums up how I felt about that.crossfit_615_nashville_DSC0019If I wasn’t in the class with classmates and coaches around me, I totally would have skipped out or scaled back on some of these movements. That’s what I really loved about the class, actually — the friendly encouragement (not angry competition) from everyone else. After being members at a not-so-fun box in DC, Anthony and I were pleasantly surprised by how nice this Nashville box is! The group kept me motivated the whole time and made me want to push harder.

Okay, back to the workout. Other movements we flew through: double-unders, snatches, sit-ups, jumping lunges, wall walks (ouch), kettlebell swings, and air squats (100 of them — yikes!). You can actually see a quick video clip of our Thanksgiving day class on CrossFit 615’s Instagram.

I glanced down at my heart rate monitor a couple times and saw that I was well into the high-intensity zone!crossfit_615_nashville_DSC0028Each of us kept track of our time on an individual mini white boards. I finished all three rounds at right about 40 minutes — and then took my sweaty self to ring the celebratory end-of-WOD bell!crossfit_615_nashville_DSC0038Awesome workout. Here are my class notes:

CrossFit 615’s Boot Camp Class

  • Websitehttp://www.crossfit-615.com/
  • Class duration: 60 minutes (ours went for more like 75 minutes though)
  • Pricing: $89-$159 per month, depending on membership type
  • Calories burned: 511
  • Difficulty: 9
  • Good for: People who like CrossFit but want something a little more cardio-focused; people who like working out with friends; people who want to burn a crap-ton of calories; people who don’t want to lift heavy weights
  • Logistics: Boot camp is Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday only; CrossFit and/or yoga offered other days of the week, too. Class times range from 5:30 am to 7:45 pm (full schedule here)
  • Bring: Water and a sweat towel. And like the board says, no egos allowed :)
  • Music: Loud rock/pop — I believe the instructors played a Pandora station called “booty camp.”
  • Vibe: Laid-back attitude, high-intensity workout. AKA, my favorite.
  • Would I sign up for a membership? Right now, Anthony and I have a killer deal for a local gym nearby. But if we didn’t belong there… you bet. Of all the Nashville studios I’ve tried out, CrossFit 615 is definitely the best fit for me, so far!

And by far the best workout, too. Once I’m not sore from Thursday’s workout (HA!), I hope to drop in for another class soon. Thanks for having us, CrossFit 615!


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