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3 runs in 3 days

Hello, Internet party people! I’ve dedicated the morning to perfecting my Season’s Treatings dessert competition entry, so no run photos to share with you from this a.m. (buy tickets here, btw). But, I do have lots of run photos from the weekend!

I’ve been trying to keep it low-key on the running front since my race was just a few weeks ago and my left hip has been feeling sorta wonky… but the gorgeous weather lately and my running buddies are hard to pass up. On Black Friday, I kicked off the morning with some cross training.

In the form of shopping. All that bag carrying is tough work!IMG_5536My mom, sister, and I have been dedicated 6 am Black Friday shoppers for more than a decade. Don’t hate.

Later than morning (which felt like 5 pm since we’d been up so early) I went for a nice and slow 3-mile jog. Empty Black Friday wallet, full Thanksgiving stomach, sore boot camp legs. And blue skies.IMG_5538… and a free broken table top. On 14th and Lillian… get it while it’s hot!IMG_5539On Saturday, Anthony and I met up with my summer training buddy Rayna for an 8 miler. After running multiple double-digit runs with Rayna this summer, 8 felt like we were just warming up. Ha!IMG_5542We headed toward downtown and took a lap around Music Row. The streets were so empty due to the holiday weekend!IMG_5543The skies were crowded with clouds, though. Overcast and windy. Go Anthony, go!IMG_5546Thanks for the run, Rayna! Also I feel like I should let you know that I don’t have some weird growth on my hip. That’s just a car key tucked into my little tempo short pocket. And as for the hair… like I said, it was WINDY.IMG_5547And some more cross training. This time, bocce. coco's_italian_market_nashville_DSC0133My parents stayed on past Thanksgiving to hang out with us over the weekend. We spontaneously decided that Saturday afternoon was perfect for bocce ball and found ourselves at Coco’scoco's_italian_market_nashville__DSC0137My dad has skills and my mom just has crazy luck. So, the old folks beat Anthony and me twice in a row. I put on sunglasses to hide my tears, tried to stay warm in 30-degree temps, and drowned my sorrows in a pint of Stella.coco's_italian_market_nashville__DSC0143And then I was going to have a no-run Sunday, but another running buddy asked me to join her! And it was 63 degrees out. So I said yes :)1130140905We covered four fast miles. And then I called it a day!1130140848aAnd now, it’s time to return to my baking duties. Have a great day!

  • How many days a week do you run?
  • Ever entered a baking/cooking competition?
  • Random: Does anyone watch Sherlock? Is it good? We’re on the hunt for a new show….

8 thoughts on “3 runs in 3 days

  1. Good luck on the Season Treating Dessert! Can’t wait to see what you make :)

    The numbers of days I run a week varies on whether or not I am training for something. When not training I love going to classes, cross training, and strength. So my run days decrease.

  2. The first two seasons of Sherlock are GREAT! The third was eh…The episodes are long, like an hour and a half each and there’s only 3 episodes per season. So, it won’t take long to blow through it. If you’re interested in an updated Sherlock Holmes, Elementary on CBS is really good too.

    I run 4-5 days a week, depending on how I’m feeling.

    • oh, thanks for the inside scoop! we’re making our way through Mad Men right now and might pick it up after :)

  3. YES SHERLOCK! It’s really clever, and it’s the only show Ryan and I have ever found that we both loved (for some reason, he didn’t like Gossip Girl??). Just be prepared that each episode is almost movie-length