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big hill, big burger. and i need your lettuce tips!

There were a lot of hills in DC, but none like this one.1203140635DC people — imagine compacting the Cathedral hill into .5 miles, steepening it to new heights! And Nashville people, just head to Barclay Road and Riverside Drive to experience it yourself. Like the East Nasty route map says, you’ll want to think your last happy thought before you go up.east-nasty-log-2013_routes-12I hadn’t done this route since early summer — and though it was still tough when I tackled it yesterday, at least it wasn’t as humid this time around.1203140626Anthony joined for the torture, too! And because “the nasty” route, as it’s called, is particularly hilly… you get an East Nasty run club sticker at the end. There’s no better gift in the world.1203140656Except the gift of a cheeseburger.burger__DSC0007We’re still chipping away at our 100-lb supply of CSA meat, which has slowly taken over our freezer! Our membership came to a close a few weeks ago, so we’re hoping to finish up alllll of the meat by 2015. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.burger__DSC0006Though we usually received straight-up cuts of strange and exciting meat, one week we got pre-made burger patties. They were really good — probably one of our favorites so far!

Paired with a salad. Speaking of which, does anyone (especially Nashville folk) have tips for certain brands, or certain stores, for lettuce that doesn’t get slimy and expired quickly? Since we’ve moved here, I can’t seem to find any lettuce that stays fresh for more than a few days. Even when I buy lettuce with an expiration date 10 days out, it still goes off really quickly. I know, my life is very stressful.burger_DSC0004But other than my slimy lettuce probs, I think it’s going to be a good day! See ya.

  • Biggest hill in your hood? Tips for tackling it?
  • Ever joined a CSA? Like it or not?
  • Tips for getting lettuce with a good (fridge) shelf life?

14 thoughts on “big hill, big burger. and i need your lettuce tips!

  1. I’ve found that if you by a head of lettuce, rather than the packaged/bagged stuff, it survives longer. You can also soak it in cold water for a few minutes and that’ll help perk it back up if it starts to get wilty.

    I’m a terrible hill runner. I hate them and they’re evvverywhere here (problems of living at 7,000 ft). I just tell myself there will be an eventual decline once I get up it!

    • Oh, thanks for the tip! I didn’t know the cold water trick. I go back and forth with buying lettuce heads vs. pre-packaged. I like the convenience of pre-packaged, but it never seems to last!

  2. Hey Mary!

    So I LOVE hills. Grew up on a huge hill and knew at the end of my run I would always always have a huge terrible hill to climb. I just treat my legs like a robot. I relax them and just focus on the hinge motion of my hips. Then boom, they just go up. Relaxing your whole body is super important! Try it out, let me know if it helps!! You are AWESOME!

  3. There are a few huge hills in the 12 South area (the side streets that run between 12th & Belmont)… I seriously can barely walk up them!! I get lettuce from Trader Joe’s and it’s usually ok. That burger looks gooooood! Well deserved after that hill- go girl!

    • i actually had to return a bag of arugula to TJ’s the other week, so they’re on my bad list, too! i’m a lettuce snob big time. should just get my own garden or see a therapist.

    • i’ve just gotten in the habit of buying a big box on sunday, and then taking it back to kroger for a refund and new box on wednesday. if they’re going to keep false marketing their expiration dates, i’m going to keep returning it! also, i’m crazy.

  4. Plenty of huge hills in Brisbane, Mt Coo-tha is one of my running club’s favourite spots. Complaining to friends whilst tackling the beast is my usual tactic!

    • I’ve driven to the top of Mt. Coo-tha (beautiful!), but definitely never ran it! Brisbane is SO hilly!