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mizuno hitogamis + moroccan beef

Happy Friday! Even though it was dark and rainy this morning, I felt good knowing the weekend is so close.1205140606aI went for a short jog to the gym today. Usually I just drive (it’s about two miles) but I wanted to take these babies for a spin!mizuno_hitogami_womens_20141204_185156That’s right. They’re Mizunos. I’ve been a diehard Brooks fan for the past four years, but finally decided to try something new. I had a pair of Mizunos in 2010 (the Wave Precisions, maybe?) and really loved them… so I thought I’d try out this brand again!

And when I saw that Mizuno had a really cool “switch from another brand” tool that recommends shoes for you, I was sold. When I entered Brooks PureConnects, Mizuno recommended I try their Wave Hitogami.mizuno_vs_brooksI took their recommendation. Thought I must say I’m more of a green girl than an orange one.mizuno_hitogami_womens_1205140652_The shoes fit great so far, and feel very similar to my PureConnects! Since I’ve only run a couple miles in them, I can’t give a full review yet. I’ll keep you posted!

When I got to the gym, Anthony was waiting for me with a workout. We usually do our own things at the gym but decided to join forces today, and I did some stuff with an actual bar. Big deal.1205140647aHere was our workout — fun and challenging!

  • 3 rounds of: 7 cleans, 14 kettlebell swings, 21 situps. 2 minutes rest after all 3 rounds completed.
  • 3 rounds of: 10-second handstand, 20 wall balls, 30 double unders. 2 minutes rest after all 3 rounds completed.
  • 3 rounds of: 10 burpees, 10 rows, bear crawls (about 40 seconds).

It took us about 25 minutes to do it all.

How to we move from wall balls to Moroccan beef?moroccan_beef_DSC0062On the menu this week was another slow-cooker creation. I made this Moroccan-spiced beef recipe, and actually stuck pretty close to the instructions and ingredients! Only change was that I used a two-pound mix of random CSA steaks from our freezer (a T-bone and a sirloin) instead of brisket. And I threw in a can of chickpeas to “stretch” the recipe.

The meat had hint of cinnamon-sweet flavor that was noticeable but not overbearing. We added a bit of salt and cayenne pepper to spice things up, and topped with Greek yogurt to cool things down.moroccan_beef_DSC0066Couscous and a salad rounded things out! I love couscous because it’s so quick and easy, but loathe it because it gets everywhere. Those little grains are all over my floors, stove, and countertops now! #couscousprobsmoroccan_beef_DSC0060And that’s it from me! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • What’s your go-to quick/easy grain?
  • Ever been to Morocco?
  • Favorite shoe brand?

15 thoughts on “mizuno hitogamis + moroccan beef

  1. Nike, Nike, Nike!

    I almost wish this were not the case – it’s like cheering for the odds-on favorite – like being a Yankees fan or a Tiger Woods fan – but their R&D is so awesome. The whole Free and Flyknit line are so sleek and beautiful and fast. All the thought that goes into their stuff – clothing as well, little extras. Functional minimalism. Most running shoes are just so ugly by comparison. (The Nike lineup for other sports is not so hot. Some of the basketball shoes with all the bells and whistles are so vulgar.)

    • I’m a big Nike fan when it comes to clothes, and I do love the look of their shoes! I’ve only run in a couple pairs and they’ve been so-so for me, though. A bit too wide.

  2. I am really into quinoa and brown rice too! Ok so i have been an Asics girl for a very long time because my youngest sister used to work in a running shoe store and got me into them! I like them but have been wanting to try something different and been afraid to change ! I used a RW shoe finder and they suggested Saucony Kinvara and a few others… in think i need to branch out next year !!

    • I had the Kinvaras back in 2010 and loved them. I wore them down until the tops tore in half and there were holes in the bottom! Haha.

  3. I’ve been wearing Brooks Adrenalines for years now and was just thinking about switching to Mizuno! I didn’t know about that nifty shoe switching tool, thanks for sharing that! I’m interested to hear how you end up liking them!

    My boyfriend ended up making a whole box of quinoa “by accident”, so I’m currently working my way through that! I’m sure I’ll want to switch it up by the time I’m done! :)

    • If you’ve been happy with the fit of the adrenaline, I recommend trying the mizuno wave inspire 10s. They have a very similar feel and structure, but are about 2 oz lighter. I LOVE them. The new model is coming out next month but try the 10s cus you can find them on sale everywhere!

  4. Ummm, those shoes are beautiful. I have been running in Mizunos for awhile, but may switch it up to Saucony for my next race (purely because I found some purple shoes that I must have). My go-to grain is quinoa since I have a 40lb bag of it from Costco that I will never finish. If you ever plan a trip to Morocco, I’m in. Happy Friday!!

  5. I’m a Mizuno girl! I got a pair of Asics last Spring and did not like them at all. But I actually just got back from the running store because I wanted to try the Mizuno Wave Riders and came home with Newtons :) Never thought that would happen. Luckily Fleet Feet allows you to try the shoe for a few runs and if you do not like them you can bring them back. We will see!

    P.S. I love the color of your shoes.

    • thanks! green is for good luck :). i’ve always been intrigued by newtons — people who wear them seem to LOVE them. hope they go well for you!