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a few of my favorite things {weekend recap}

Good morning! How was your weekend? Mine was full of my favorite things: running and cooking and baking and drinking, all of which will be recapped below. Also, a lot of cleaning and errands that didn’t make the blog cut :)

Starting with the running:1206140904aAnthony, Rayna, and I met up on Saturday for a nine-mile loop around the city. The skies were pretty grey, but at least it wasn’t raining, right?1206140821aWe started out in East Nashville, went over the bridge to the city, and then came back for a loop through Shelby Park. The route also included a scenic jog by this controversial scrap metal yard located right next to downtown. What a beauty.1206140852I felt pretty good this run (no nagging hip). Hoorah! 1206140909Plus there were lots of stops along the way for selfies. Side note: I got a new phone and don’t know where to look for the camera.1206140921Thanks for running with us, Rayna!1206140926What was next on my list? Oh yes. Cooking!spaghetti_DSC0071We had a bunch of tomatoes on hand and a giant bag of fresh parsley that we needed to put to use. And the slow cooker was calling my name as usual. Or actually, that’s me calling it. When I’m like “I want to eat everything but don’t want to cook anything. I need a magical device that will do all the work for me.”

So… spaghetti and meatballs it was!spaghetti_DSC0073Back to my list of fave-oh-rit things (you can call me Mary Poppins). Baking!chickpea_flour_bread_DSC0147More than a spoonful of sugar went into: two new loaves of bread (coming soon in the carbtastic chronicles!) and a big batch of gluten-free cookies for a church event tonight. And since I had all the baking stuff out, I decided it was time for another round of apple-oat muffins. My oven got quite the workout.apple_oat_muffins_DSC0115And last: the drinking!1206142201Our neighbors hosted a mystery wine party on Saturday night. About 10 couples attended, each bringing two identical bottles of wine. One went to “the pot,” and the other went to the tasting room!1206142017aIn the end, the owners of the winning wine got to take home the pot of extra bottles! It was a fierce competition ;). Lined up in order, from losers on the left to the winner on the far right. Our South African blend (with the yellow and white label) got fourth!1206142218dWe ended up staying until well after midnight and going to bed around 1 am (!!!). Needless to say, waking up at 4:45 this morning was quite a shock to the system. Cheers to a good weekend!

  • Have you tried any of the wines listed above?
  • Last thing you baked?
  • Locals: love or hate the PSC scrap metal yard?

4 thoughts on “a few of my favorite things {weekend recap}

  1. I’ve just recently been told of this mystery wine parties and am dying to host one! I love the idea of winning the pot at the end of the night!

    We have a huge thing of vanilla ice cream in our freezer left over from Thanksgiving, so last night I made brownies for Sunday Sundae’s