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morning run, mountain of nachos.

Good morning, Nashvegas.1209140625I was out bright (dark) and early today! Had to rush home and start prepping for a group of special guests arriving tonight. Anthony’s family is flying all the way from Australia to visit us!

The skies were pretty glum, but it was refreshingly cool and quiet out.1209140635aPlus, some holiday decor helped brighten things up. I love looking at people’s Christmas lights! We are planning on putting up our tree this week, hopefully :)1209140641And one running sight I never tire of: a good dose of street furniture. Double-whammy of chair + mattress on 16th St.1209140648This was one of my longer weekday runs post-marathon! I have zero running goals/training plans until mid-January and am more than okay with that. Just running out of love/craziness.1209140654In other news: check out these nacho mountains.nachos_DSC0023I had some leftover Mexican-style meat from when we made enchiladas the other week. So, I piled it atop a bed of tortilla chips, tossed it in the broiler, and called it dinner.

As you can see, the broiler might have been a slightly aggressive cooking method. A few chips had to be sacrificed due to extreme scorching.nachos_DSC0030But other than that, this five-minute dinner was pretty darn good.nachos_DSC0027And five minutes is about all I have to get packed up and head to work… so, I’m off. See you later!

  • Tell me the most random thing that’s happened to you this week.
  • Tell me the last time you burned something.
  • Tell me the ONE country you’d love to visit some day!

3 thoughts on “morning run, mountain of nachos.

  1. I really want to go to Egypt! I talk about it all the time. Maybe I should start saving for that trip.

    Nachos are (probably) my favorite food in the whole world and now I want some! Some of my favorite Nashville nachos (because I know you’re dying to know) are Edley’s brisket nachos! mmmm