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brought to you by blogger’s block

How is it Thursday already? This week seems to have flown by — probably because we’ve been busy hosting quite the party!_DSC0029Anthony’s family is here visiting all the way from Australia. They’re staying with us for the next few weeks, so expect to see them on the blog! Including two more cute kiddos who were asleep when the photo above was taken.

Preparing dinner for a party  of 6+ can be a challenge, but tacos seem to be an easy answer. We lined up all the fixins so that everyone could assemble their own customized concoction :)_DSC0026The highlight of the meal, in my opinion: TortillaLand‘s uncooked, no-preservative tortillas. When I saw them in the store, I had to test them out. _DSC0028 They tasted a lot fresher than the unrefrigerated ones and seemed to be on the healthier side, too.

Another thing that caught my eye at the store recently: LARABAR’s ALT bar. I love normal LARABARs, so thought that their new, high-protein version might be good too.1210141539But actually, it wasn’t very good. I don’t know how to describe this bar, other than intense. Really intense. Anthony was not a fan either. Oh well. #proteinbarprobs

And last thing to share in this random post: my new favorite stretch. Ever since the marathon, my hip has been a little off. The classic runner’s stretch seems to fix it right up, though!1211140658bI paired this little stretch with two rounds of Nike Training Club workouts this morning and definitely felt the burn. I’d love to just run every day, but have learned over the years that cross training is the ticket to non-injured, faster running.

I have writer’s block (blogger’s block?) right now, so let’s just say: The end.

  • Have you tried LARA’s ALT bar?
  • What’s your go-to meal for large groups?
  • Favorite stretch?!

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